Best Smartphones 2017: Top 10 List

Best Smartphones 2017

If you are thinking to buy a new smartphone then you have arrived at right place. Through this top ten list of best smartphones, you will find hottest phones trending right now. This will probably save your time.

Be informed that we continuously update about best smartphones trending right now. Time to time we reflect recent launched phones along with change in price. Every device has been fully reviewed by us and we always ensure that this year’s latest device appears alongside previous year’s best smartphones.

When we look for new device, the most important factor indulged in that is to make sure if it’s the best one for you. Also, must be within your budget range including updated features. We also select out top 10 best phones keeping size in mind so that it feels right in your hands.

Find here our recommended top 10 best smartphones of 2017.

10.) Honor 8 Pro

Display: 5.7inch | RAM: 6GB | Primary Camera: 12MP+12MP | Front: 8MP | Battery: 4000mAH

Honor 8 Pro is not so exciting or is any flagship phones of 2017 like LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 but is a good phone if the budget is low. This phone is great at affordable price where the size is similar to Apple iPhone 7 Plus. You might feel wider to hold it in hands. However, the pack holds 5.7 inch of Quad HD display including excellent battery performance.

Out of many colors, Navy blue finishing looks awesome. The phone holds a dual camera. Pre installed EMUI software is little bit heavy and is not completely clean Android, however at this budget price it is an ideal choice for those looking for big screen size, long lasting and powerful phone.

9.) Honor 9

Display: 5.5inch | RAM: 6GB | Primary Camera: 20MP+20MP | Front: 12MP | Battery: 3200mAH

No doubt Honor has become sub-brand of Huawei. It is now leaving behind the parent brand by offering same technology at competitive price. On the other hand recently launched popular brands like OnePlus are continuously increasing their price. Honor is providing great performance at best price.

Honor 9 is a lovely designed phone specially the glossy look is being liked by many users then previous anodized metals. There’s a lot of power packed in this phone and has the best camera. It’s a mid-range smartphone that has been very appealing. The size of the phone is also perfect for daily use, however you will find better displays in other devices provided below. It’s tough to neglect Honor 9.

8.) Motorola Moto G5 Plus

Display: 5.2inch | RAM: 4GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 5MP | Battery: 3000mAH

Motorola shocked smartphone industry when it released Moto G at very low price. A lot of performance and other features at little price. Moto G is the only phone bringing out excellent features and experiences while maintaining the level of quality which many companies fail to provide at little price. It is a phone worth of money providing you excellent finishing, build quality and features.

The price of Moto G5 is rising slowly and plus model has been increased a bit in few months. If you are looking not to spend much on phone then we recommend Moto G5 Plus as it won’t cost much and you will surely be satisfied with the quality and performance of the phone.

7.) Blackberry KeyOne

Display: 4.5inch | RAM: 4GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 8MP | Battery: 3505mAH

Blackberry in this top 10 best smartphones list is surprising. The company has been struggling for years but with the release of Blackberry Keyone it seems that it has found a way out. Blackberry Keyone designed with physical keyboard is something unique in Android smartphone industry.

If you have used Blackberry in the past then it’s a good choice to ise Android OS in Blackberry. Also, Blackberry claims to provide most secured Android Phone and we found it really secured. There are plenty of innovations to explore icluding programmable keyboard shortcuts which makes it stand out of the rest. It is not a flagship smartphone but other hand you get powerful handset at much lower rate compared to flagship phones.

6.) LG G6

Display: 5.7inch | RAM: 4GB | Primary Camera: 13MP | Front: 5MP | Battery: 3300mAH

LG introduced its new flagship phone LG G6 that offers excellent build quality, display and performance. G6 is an excellent phone where it has been capable enough to stand out of the crowd. The smartphone holds lightweight software which can be easily customized and also dual camera has been given similar to other flagship phones.

Price of LG G6 is much costlier than previous LG phones but build and camera quality is equivalent to Galaxy S8 devices and Pixel devices. This device is an excellent alternative to Samsung and Google phones. Early launch of flagship phone by Google means that we might get more flagships in near future. LG G6 is a great phone containing everything of a flagship phone with 18:9 display which has also been outshone by Samsung Galaxy S8.

5.) HTC U11

Display: 5.5inch | RAM: 6GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 16MP | Battery: 3000mAH

HTC has squeezed out HTC U11 and has made it a remarkable phone. It’s a brilliant phone which does everything right. The rear design of the phone is also unique and deep glass at back makes it feel great in hands. HTC U11 is a waterproof phone build with high quality material. Display and sound quality is also excellent. It is hard to find this quality in any other phone. The software is also clean as it is free from bloatware.

Camera of HTC U11 is fast and reliable. Only thing missing in this phone is 3.5mm headphone socket but this can be considered as it will soon become a trend. Snapdragon 835 has been packed in the phone to provide great power. Storage expansion and battery life is not so impressive however, the battery easily lasts one full day.

4.) OnePlus 5

Display: 5.5inch | RAM: 6GB / 8GB | Primary Camera: 20MP+16MP | Front: 16MP | Battery: 3300mAH

With the recent release of OnePlus 5 it seems that OnePlus has grown up by providing most competitive phone. It can also be considered as the most ambitious phone yet released by this company. The phone holds great design including powerful specifications with hardware that puts the phone in top position. OnePlus 5 has got good display but has not lifted from Full HD like many others did. Also, the phone is not waterproof but still it can be considered as the price is low and is in higher demand right now.

Dual camera at the back has some controversies running but this doesn’t cause any issue. Images clicked are perfect. The most unique feature of the phone is Dash Charge which has great features and helps to charge for a day in no time. The price is perfect and is cheaper than most of its competitors.

3.) Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Display: 5.5inch | RAM: 3GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 7MP | Battery: 2900mAH

In design apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus does not look great as we get a new design in other phones in 2 years. Still the larger model of the phone has new features like zoomed camera and bokeh effects as compared to smaller model. The new Apple phones are more refined and now instead of 3.5mm headphone socket, wireless sound option has been provided. The phone has got excellent stereo speakers and better waterproofing.

Very few changes can be found from iPhone 6S like Home button and matte black as well as glossy finishing. Phone holds faster performance. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the best phones that Apple has produced till yet. If you find it expensive then you can also go for iPhone 6S which has same design for little cheaper cash.

2.) Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Display: 5.5inch | RAM: 4GB | Primary Camera: 12.3MP | Front: 8MP | Battery: 3450mAH

Google has come amazingly in Top ten smartphone list and holds number two position right now with its Pixel and Pixel XL. Almost everything is similar in both phones except from difference in screen size. Pixel has 5-inch of Full HD display and Pixel XL has 5.5-inch of Quad HD display.

There are numerous exclusive features apart from these it has clean Android Operating System and of course it gets updates first from Google. The phones are solid in build quality gives smooth and fast experience. Camera is excellent also battery is superb. All in all a premium Android experience phone. The price is also according to that however, the phone lacks microSD and waterproofing. Also, 3.5 mm headphone jack can be found in this phone.

1.) Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Display: 6.2inch | RAM: 4GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 8MP | Battery: 3500mAH

Samsung has once again proved that their smartphones are best in the industry with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are two similar phones with no bezels containing display ratio of 18.5:9 display. Design of the phone is attractive with premium dual edge curves. There are lot of things which Samsung has put in this device. Dual Camera of the phone is amazing and good news is that it’s waterproof. Battery life is also good and easily lasts a day. You get slickest Android skin that has got fully featured pack of useful functions.

Fingerprint scanner of the phone is not optimal and should be relocated. However, the scanner is fast and this should not be a deal breaker.

You must be thinking why one will buy such a tall phone but the real thing is that it doesn’t look taller in hands. Infact it is easier to hold and operate. The device is bit costlier and if budget is an issue then Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the best alternative.

Image Credit: Pocket-lint

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