DIY – Repair water damaged phone on your own

Repair your water damaged phone

It happens our smartphone accidentally drops off in water or on surfaces due to which it gets damaged. Usually we hear many cases where people unwillingly drop their smartphone in pool, sink or toilet. If you too are facing this issue then you need not to panic! All you need is to act fast in order to prevent you phone from water or any kind of damage. Through this article you will learn mobile repair after accidental drop offs in water or anywhere. Follow below mentioned steps to repair water damaged phone on your own.

How To survive water damaged phones

Drop offs in water is a common problem. In this case you need to pull out phone from water as quickly as possible. If it stays longer then there are more chances that liquid will seep in openings and cracks of the phone.After pulling out it from water there are specific tasks which needs to performed and certain things which needs to be avoided. Let’s get started with What not to do.

  • Never turn it on
  • Do not press or use any buttons or keys
  • Never tap, shake or bang the phone
  • Never open the phone apart completely except battery which may void your warranty as many phones come with Liquid damage indicator (LDI). If you do not have prior experience then never open it.
  • Never blow water as it may push water in internal parts of the phone.
  • Avoid heating your phone using dryer, blower or through any medium.

Steps to save water damaged phone

  • Turn the phone off if it’s not already and hold it in upright position
  • Remove all protective casing including SIM card and memory card if you are able to.
  • To dry your phone use cloth, power table or sleeve. Do not swipe, simply leave anyone on it for few minutes until water is soaked completely.
  • Incas water goes inside mobile or is more extensive then use a vacuum to carefully extract water from cracks. Before performing this always make sure that SIM, memory cards or battery has been kept out of the way.
  • Now put your phone in a zip-lock bag full of uncooked rice. Since, rice absorbs water therefore, this has been a common method for drying phones.

Keep your water damaged phone for two to three days in a zip lock bag full of rice

  • Let your phone be in air tight rice bag for two-three days without opening the bag.
  • After couple of days remove your phone from rice and insert battery. Turn it on.
  • If phone doen’t turns on then try charging it. Incase it doesn’t charge you need to replace your battery or take your phone to some professional to find and fix issues.
  • If your phone turns on and is running perfectly then too keep an eye on it for few days. Play music, videos and other apps to check for any errors. If anything goes out of ordinary consult any expert.

Fixing Water Damaged Mobile Phone

If it happens that your phone gets damaged by water, rain or any liquid like tea, coffee in that case following below mentioned steps will help to fix the issues. When water goes inside smartphones it damages important chips which results in damaging your phone. If water is not dried quickly then it might rust chips after which it won’t be useful and you may need to change the hardware. However, if proper actions are taken at the beginning will help to fix issues at an early stage for smooth running of your phone. These are simple steps to follow and anyone can DIY without visiting a local shop.

  • When dropped in water, immediately remove back cover and battery if possible.
  • Using a screw driver disassemble your cellphone and keep the screws safe.
  • If water goes in phone’s screen then disassemble the screen as well
  • Use a hot blower to remove water from important parts of the mobile phone like PCB, screen, etc.
  • After blowing up water from phone use an ESD-Safe brush and IPA solution or spirit to clean the circuit board as it will prevent from corrosion or rust.
  • When finished with above steps, carefully assemble the phone back and keep it in dry place or in sunlight for few hours.

Now switch it on and keep an eye on it for next few weeks. If it works smooth then your phone is in best condition. If not then you need to visit a local shop.

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