How to Find Lost Android Phone or iPhone

How to find lost Android Phone or iPhone

If you missed or lost your android phone, you should not think that its gone forever. Also, do not wait to loose your phone instead prepare now to configure it so that you can track your lost Android or iPhone in future. This tutorial can help you to track your phone and will also help to wipe or lock your smartphone remotely. However to perform these actions it is required that your phone should be switched on to communicate remotely via servers. If the lost phone is switched off then you need to wait until its on again.

It is advised to backup your phone now to avoid any kind of inconvenience in future. Find below the options which describes how to find lost Android phone or iPhone. Since major smartphone operating systems has got different options therefore you need to sign in Google or Apple account to track down your smartphone.

There are also some third party applications for example, “Prey” which is popular for mobiles and windows, ubuntu and OS X laptops as well. It’s a good choice if you want to manage several devices from one platform. From this interface you can track down both smartphones and laptops.

How to Find lost Android Phone

Find lost Android phoneThe easiest way of tracking down your Android phone is by Find My Device which was earlier known as Device Manager. This is a free app from GooglePlay also the service can be availed from any browser in in case your phone is lost. The phone can be erased, locked or ringed through Find My Device options.

There is another option as well incase the phone is switched off. To find the last reported action you can track down by visiting Click Manage Activity that is under Location History.

This will show a map of all places depending on the locations where your phone was reported during specific time. Last known location is the last place where Google saw the phone last time before the battery was down. If you are lucky then you will still find the phone there.

Please note that last known location history depends on Wi-Fi and mobile signals and not through GPS there it will not be accurate as is Find My Device.

How to find lost iPhone

There are prior settings that needs to be set up on your device before you can track down your lost Apple device. You can find a lost iPhone through Find My iPhone option but before you need to set up on your device.

Go to settings, iCloud and scroll down to Find My iPhone and enable it so that it can send the last known location automatically before the battery runs out.

Find lost iPhone

Location services should be turned on to access Find My iPhone that can be enabled under Settings, Privacy, Location Services.

After setting up Find My iPhone you can track down lost iPhone by two methods. At first you can use Find My iPhone application app on any Apple device. Install on any other iPhone and track down your lost phone. Also you can sing to your account from a desktop browser at and can access Find My iPhone. Choose the phone that has been lost incase of multiple Apple devices.

After selecting the phone, the application will show the map with last location and there will be options to either erase contents, lock it or alarm it.

Also Apple has been working on a technology that will transmit GPS location data before its switched off due to low power and will provide the option to remotely switch on your iPhone.

Right now if the phone is switched off then it would be hard to find out. But if the thief tries to switch it on or do factory reset then in that case you can locate the device immediately.

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