iPhone 7 review

iphone7 review

Apple introduced its new iPhone 7 smartphone in September, 2016. In recent years there has been decline in apple smartphones. With the release of new iPhone 7, the firm hopes to catch user attention who are seeking an upgrade. There tends to be a lot more exciting features added to phone if you are bored with your old iPhone. Although the phone has been designed similar to its predecessor but still iPhone 7 stands out to be the best phone apple has ever made. Let’s begin our iPhone 7 review in detail to find out if it is really worth your cash?

iPhone 7: No Headphone Port

Headphone Port of new iPhone has been much in the news for quite long time. The company did not find it appropriate to place a headphone port in new iPhone 7. This means that if you are looking to buy one then you won’t find any headphone port to plug in. Instead, you can use lightening port (same port used for charging). Also, wireless Bluetooth connection can be used. A pair of updated Ear-pods has been provided with purchase of new iPhone. The Ear-pods provided by the company has lightening fast connection. Along with Ear-pods bundled adapters can be found which holds the capability to enable standard headphones to be plugged in same port. Apple dumped 100 years of technology by new wireless headphones also known as Air-pods. Dumping headphone ports has two advantages – First, it frees up unused space and Second, wireless headphones gives much richer audio experience with noise cancellation. It is a known fact that wireless headphones and other Bluetooth connection drains more battery of any smartphone, therefore we understand why people will hate this decision taken by apple. The adapter which allows standard headphone connections is not good. If you have already purchased an expensive pair of 3.5mm wired headphones then it must be a trouble for you as apple thinks lightening connected headphones and Bluetooth connections are the future of mobile audio.

iPhone 7: Design

The design of apple iPhone 7 has not changed much except headphone port which has been replaced with wireless audio. At the top and bottom of the phone, curved antenna lines can be seen with bigger camera bump. Classic styling has been given to iPhone 7 which proves that the company wants to provide its fan a phone which looks out of the crowd. For this they have built the phone with two stunning shades of black. Out of two models, one model has anodized matte look and the other gives shiny Jet Black color. Probably the device class has been maintained.

Before buying black models with high glossy look be informed that fingerprint impressions are left over at the back cover of phone.The company has already warned about minor scratches.

With removal of antenna lines and providing new finishing, the new iPhone 7 certainly looks great in hands and is much more appealing than its predecessor. However, in two years only this much of updates doesn’t seems to be satisfactory.

iPhone 7: Water Resistant

iPhone 7 Water Proof Test

iPhone 7 Water proof test [Courtesy – Express.co.uk]

After looking from outside it does not look like apple has built something different, however the device from inside holds a good news for apple lovers who usually slip their phones down. Finally, the new apple smartphone has been made water resistant that makes it more robust and different from its predecessors. This new iPhone 7 smartphone has been rated IP67 that makes the phone completely dust proof and is able withstand for half an hour in not more than 1 meter of water. This tends to be one of the biggest feature, giving you a reason to upgrade to new iPhone 7 if you are habitual to odd accidents.

iPhone 7: Camera

If we talk about camera of iPhone 7, it has 12 MP of rear camera and the front facing selfie camera has been upgraded to 7 MP. This is a proven fact that apple has always been ranked higher in smartphone cameras and with the camera equipped in iPhone 7 proves the same this time as well. Also, this time larger f/1.8 camera aperture has been included containing new Quad LED flash. This Quad LED flash is 50% more brighter than iPhone 6s. With the equipment of this technology it is clear that this time you will get more brighter and better images in any lightening conditions. Optical image stabilization has also been included which is similar to that of 6s. With this integration wooble-free videos can be recorded also helps to get better low light pictures. As expected from world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, the images taken from iPhone 7 has decent colors and has sharp image quality.

iPhone 7 Camera Image Sample

iPhone 7 Camera Image Sample [Courtesy – The Next Web]

The phone has also equipped with ability to shoot 4K Ultra HD. The rest like slow motion, time lapse and different panorama, etc modes has been kept identical to its predecessor. Although best camera has been designed but it fails to prove what apple announced at iPhone launch that the 7 plus will contain dual lens camera with features like 2x optical zoom ability and can shoot images in depth of field. Therefore, it is a sad thing for users who do not wish to have phablet-style phone.

iPhone 7: Display

As we hoped to get edge to edge or curved display screen, we found little disappointed as new iPhone 7 screen is similar to its predecessors containing same bezel surrounding with 4.7 inches of display screen. However, luckily this has been the best phone Apple has ever built interns of display. Retina HD screen used in this smartphone is 25% much more brighter and has cinema standard wide color gamut to provide more true and vibrant colors. This tends to be one of the added feature included in iPhone 7 and difference can be easily seen when 6s is played side by side. However, as we told what we hoped in the beginning to see bezel free phone with 720p resolution like its predecessors, doesn’t seems to be crisp when looked at its competitors.

iPhone 7: Sound

When apple’s iPad Pro was launched last year, it was surprising to see such great four stereo speakers. This is one of the best tablets you will find with great audio experience. Incase of smartphones apple seem to put similar technology. Since, smartphone is a smaller device therefore the company isn’t able to put all speakers in that but managed to put two separate boom type boxes. One box can be found beneath home button and other is placed at the top of the phone. The sound is clear loud enough to annoy crowd in any public transport. However, it fails what iPad Pro is capable of. Also, it has been noticed that while calling it provides a quality call with noise reduction technology.

iPhone 7: Home Button

When apple launched its smartphones in 20017, the iconic round home button was never changed till the launch of iPhone 7. The Home button in iPhone 7 looks similar to its predecessor but it is totally different. Apple has changed physical home button with Taptic engine. This will make you feel like you are pushing something. In the beginning it will take time to get used to it afterwards on regular usage, you will get habitual to it. The Taptic engine used as home button has brought some new interactive features. For example, when playing games like zombie shoot or track racing games, you will find a sensation in your fingers. A stronger tap is supplied by the phone when messages or calls are received that means you will never miss anyone who wants to get in touch with you, It is a clever smartphone by apple and these types of innovations makes the phone apart from rest of the smartphones.

iPhone 7: Performance and Memory

Apple iPhone 7 consists of new A10 Fusion chip. This chip is 50% more faster than A9 chip used in iPhone 6s. These chips are the brains of apple smartphone which gives a slick feel to whatever you do also handles more hungry apps easily. Talking about performance of the phone is also efficient and adds a bit of extra battery life. Apart from this there is also a good news buried inside the aluminium chassis. Finally apple has left the world of 16 GB base model with 32 GB. Also, 128 GB and 256 GB versions are available for users. We have always been eagerly waiting for this storage upgrade which now is finally available in iPhone 7.

iPhone 7: Battery

There has always been battery issues with smartphone users where most phones last till a day. With the new Fusion chip the iPhone 7 lasts a little longer. If your phone’s battery is low then in that case apple has been designed to automatically adjust to power saving mode until you find a place to charge your phone. If you are addicted to heavy usage of phone, then it is recommended to go for iPhone 7 plus.

iPhone 7: Extras

Apple has done decent upgrades in latest smartphone as expected by providing accurate and fast finger print scanner. It is one of the fastest and most secured phone than its competitors. Also, the device has a 3D touch display which was launched last year. The phone has also been equipped with Apple Pay using which payments has become simpler by a simple tap of your finger. With the latest upgrades it has brought fresh feel on the screen. You will also find new ways to message, much simplified version of music and excellent maps.

Conclusion :

No doubt apple iPhone 7 is one of the best phone till now as it is fast, accurate, powerful with improved camera and finally water resistant. This new smartphone looks great in Jet Black color that is irresistible to avoid. However, apple should consider to change the design in its future upgrades.The phone does not has dual camera system as good as iPhone 7 plus. Since, no headphone port has been provided therefore, most people will find it irritating to carry tiny adapter. It would have been more better if the company had provided its own headphones to reduce noise cancellation. If these things do not bother you then certainly it is one of the best phone to go for. You will not find an amazing design however these useful updates and iOS 10 makes it an ultimate phone to go for.

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