iPhone 8 News, Rumors, Features & Specifications

iPhone 8

It is expected that Apple will be releasing its iPhone 8 later this year. This is also said to be the biggest smartphone launch by the company. On 9th January, 2007 first iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs which was then released on 29th June. So, 2017 stands out to be the tenth anniversary of iPhone’s and there are lot of rumors regarding the release of iPhone 8. There is possibility that Apple is holding back some groundbreaking features and performance in this year’s model.

We have rounded all news, leaks and rumors so that you would be able to decide about your next phone. Also, you will have good idea of what Apple will be launching in store.

iPhone 8 Latest News

It is expected that iPhone 8 will also be released in striking copper gold color according to new leaked pictures if we believe them. According to Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo the phone will be available in three vibrant colors: white, jet black and new color champagne gold. It is not clear that it will have gold option or not however, according to Chinese website “MyDrivers” which shared the first images said that gold is also closer to copper and Apple’s rose gold as available in iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 rose gold

(Image Courtesy: Mac Rumors)

The pictures are not verified however, they are being widely rumored with elongated power button on sides and dual lens rear camera. Also, it is not clear that whether these pictures are taken from any supply chain or just dummy models.

It is being said that iPhone 8 will be available in three sizes: 4.7-inch iPhone 7s, 5.5-inch similar to iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 of 5.8-inch. All three models will have same specifications. However, it seems that iPhone 8 will be more advanced than 7s and 7s Plus. It is also expected that it will closely resemble iPhone 7.

Also, there is a news from Wall Street Journal that Apple is currently testing more that 10 different prototype in its next phone.

iPhone 8 Name

As it is known to all of us that Apple launches its phone in tick-tock cycle in every two years. It is expected that this new model will be called iPhone 7s. “S” models are named to those iPhone’s which are released in every two years with new features and same design. Now, the rumor is that Apple might change to three-year cycle on major iPhone refreshes. Next year is the tenth anniversary of Apple iPhone and 2017 model seems to be a fairly major upgrade.

It is much more opted that name of new phone will be iPhone 7s but it will downplay the upgrade therefore, it will be called iPhone 8. With upcoming anniversary apple might decide to go for something completely different with iPhone 10 or iPhone X on its anniversary also iPhone Air, iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition might be upgraded to line up with iPad and Apple watches.

iPhone 8 Release Date

It is expected that the new iPhone might be released in week of September 4 or on September 11, 2017 as traditionally it launches its new phone during first two weeks of september when Christmas shopping season starts.

There is also a rumor that Apple might break its tradition and will launch the phone earlier than September. Also, according to Barron’s Tech Trader Daily it is said that Apple has started production of iPhone 8 in June.

Ming-Chi Kuo one of the KGI securities who has proven track record of leaking accurate information about apple news claims that iPhone 8 may be delayed till October or November due to major significant hardware upgrades. Also, Apple is trying to integrate Touch ID sensor in iPhone 8 display. Therefore, if iPhone 8 is unveiled in September then it will not go for sale immediately what Kuo said.

iPhone 8 Price

We all know Apple products are not so cheap. The latest rumours about new iPhone 8 is that it might exceed to $1000 for first time. This has been leaked by “The Fast Company” that has knowledge of Apple’s Plan.

According to The Fast Company Apple will be releasing three models this year- a big 5.8-inch model will also be known as iPhone 8, a 5.5-inch model (iPhone7s Plus) and 4.7-inch model known as iPhone 7s.

New OLED display is reported to be used in iPhone 8 which will stretch across till corners of the phone. This is why the price tag will be higher since OLED display costs twice than that of LCD display. Also, memory upgrade can be seen which also adds to the price.

iPhone 8 Design

It is expected that iPhone 8 will consists of all glass display and design. It has been reported that company is working on all glass versions of its iconic iPhone that will be released in 2017. In iPhone 7 aluminium casing is found which will be replaced by glass enclosures.

This is not the first time Apple will be using all glass display. Infact this was used in 4 and 4s which has frint and back glass panels with stainless steel band that was sandwiched between the two. These phones had issues, when dropped the phone easily cracked. This might be a concern for many users.

According to Mac rumors Kuo noticed that many investors main concern is glass casing as it makes the phone too heavy to hold and fails in a drop test but he said that this won’t be an issue as the company already used it in 4/ 4S along with non-apple brands that also uses glass casing. Glass casing is a bit heavier than aluminium ones, however the difference is small and is easily compensated with thinner and lighter AMOLED panel. There is also a possibility that this new Apple smartphone will have better antenna and will contain options like wireless charging due to glass casing.

iPhone 8 Display

It was already reported in March 2016 through trusted sources that Apple is planning to use OLED screens instead of LCD displays. It is also assumed that first OLED iPhone will be launched in 2017.

Also, according to “DigiTimes” Apple has signed 2 years of bond with Samsung to supply OLED panels. The deal is worth of $9 billion and Samsung will be shipping approx. 92 million OLED panels this year. It is obvious that 30% of iPhone is expected to be sold in this year.

Talking about OLED displays, they are far more superior then LCD display as LCD fails to provide back light where OLED screens automatically lights each single pixel when required. This means black gets more blacker and white gets more brighter which ultimately results in better display with less power consumption and gives fast response time as compared to LED displays.

Like other flagship phones of 2017, iPhone 8 will have a longer aspect ratio as found in LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8. It will also consist of 4K resolution so that you can enjoy virtual reality applications.

iPhone 8 No Home Button

There have been a lot of rumors from quite a long time that Apple is thinking to end Home Button and wants to replace it with virtual touch sensitive digital button. This rumor was with iPhone 7 as well but now it seems that it will surely come out in iPhone 8 as one of the major changes.

Through a Chinese website called Storm it has been reported that this virtual home button will be replaced with previous one. The screen will be flat but there will be a illusion of home button which when touched will only operate. Main challenge stands integration of Touch ID sensor in display where there are rumors that this challenge will be sorted out by placing fingerprint reader at the back of phone.

Qualcomm a mobile technology firm has designed an ultrasonic fingerprint technology that can scan through glass specially through OLED display screens. This is achieved through ultrasonic sound waves that penetrates skin of finger to capture precise 3D image of fingerprint as what is mentioned by Mashable. Many internal components of Apple is already provided by the company however in recent times there has been on going problems between the two companies due to lawsuit.

Mashable also states that Apple will not surely use Qualcomm’s technology but will build this technology in its own house. Ming-Chi Kuo did not told much but provided hint that iPhone 8 might be released without TouchID fingerprint scanner. This means that TouchID shall be replaced wih “3D facial recognition sensing technology” or with eye scanning tech.

Talking about latest leaks and renders by one of user Weibo shows how iPhone 8 will look like through his design. The design by the user consists of curved screen that covers entire front of the device. Also, the bezels around edge of the phone is only 4mm thick with curved glasses on side of screen makes 2.577 mm in width. The phone dimensions measures 137.54 x 67.54mm similar to that of iPhone 7. However, screen size is diagonal which is similar to Galaxy S8.

iPhone 8 size and dimensions

(Image Courtesy: ifanr.com)

According to drawing a narrow earpiece has been placed at the top of screen including selfie camera, sensors and microphone on either side. Also, renders suggest that dual camera will be placed vertically at the back of the phone.

We cannot confirm about the design but according to Mac Rumors “KK” has given accurate details on many occasions in previous iPhone designs.

iPhone 8 Camera

It is expected that iPhone 8 will consists of similar dual lens camera as found in iPhone 7. It seems that new Apple smartphone camera will not have major changes and will consist of same dual lens technology of 2016. No major change to camera in 2017 is expected.

This would be disappointing to many users who are looking to buy 4.7 inch as it will not consist of dual lens camera. This has been confirmed by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who states dual lens camera system is only for larger Plus models. Also, the camera of large Apple models has not been a killer specification for Photographers and picture takers. Therefore, dual lens camera is to be provided in higher price models. But there is a possibility that new selfie camera will be available for all models that will consist of infrared technology which will have the ability to automatically detect location and objects depth.

3D camera can be used for different things like to recognize and detect face. iris recognition and for 3D selfies. Also, you will be able to replace characters head in many games with yours.

The 3D technology works by sending infrared light signals which are invisible and travels outwards of phone which are then detected as the signal bounces back off the object with 1.4 megapixel infrared receiver. There is a possibility that in future Apple will be using 3D sensing technology to primary or rear camera as well so that there won’t be any need of large dual lens cameras or iris system.

iPhone 8 Specifications

It is expected that iPhone 8 will use A11 chip. This chip as been designed using ARM’s high end manufacturing process and will run on Apple iOS 11. It will be available in three different storage sizes – 32GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

As nowadays wireless charging has become common in Android smartphones like that of Samsung devices. However wireless charging is lot slower. Bloomberg in January reported that Apple has been working on cutting edge wireless technology that might change future of Apple smartphones. It is also assumed according to unnamed sources that the company is trying to build a wireless charging technology that will minimize the loss of power over a distance and is expected that this technology will be included in 2017 Apple models.

Facial recognition and water resistant are the next main specifications that apple has been reported working. Till now Samsung Galaxy S8 has the best facial recognition technique that allows users to unlock their phone by only looking at it. This same feature is to be included in iPhone 8 as what Now eagle-eyed engineers said.

As already iPhone 7 has best water resistant technology that can withstand in depth for 30 minutes, the same will be repeated in iPhone 8. We cannot guarantee if next Apple phone will extend water resistant time of more than 30 minutes. This will surely save your phone from accidental drop offs in water, however it is not sure that if it can withstand swimming pool.

There is also a news that Apple’s next phones will come with accessories worth of $205 including pair of Air pods that can run up-to 5 hours of music continuously on single charge.

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