iPhone X review: Future of Smartphones

iphone X review future of smartphones

The iPhone X is considered to be a huge gamble from company which is yet to be discovered if it really pays off. The design of the phone has been altered without the home button which is considered to be the dangerous move. However, its is required though after many years of similar iPhone’s designs. The new iPhone X has got awesome design, more power and full screen mixed together to build the best iPhone by Apple. iPhone X is the smartest perfection smartphone Apple has ever build with huge leap forward that Apple requires after 2007. This phone is said to have biggest impact on smartphones by the company in other direction. The company is itself claiming it to be the future of smartphones after investing lot of years in building this type of smartphone. The smartphone is equipped with premium parts and lots of new experience like new methods of navigation and unlocking the phone. It has also got reliable elements like Touch ID fingerprint scanner and better battery capacity with fast charging method.

iPhone X is one of the handsets which people have been demanding for years after being tired of all same designs of iPhone. But iPhone X is pretty costlier because its a new iPhone with additional capabilities still the cost is not much to be considered. So let’s see if iPhone X is truly worth it and will it change the direction of industry for which it has been built with functionalities like wireless charging, bezel-less displays and face recognition where these functions are already available in the market in many other big budget smartphones.

iPhone X Price

It is pointless to discuss price of iPhone X as it is one of the most expensive smartphone in the market. However, price is not the issue for iPhone users as the iPhone gets better each year and is worthy of price hike. iPhone X costs around $999 for the base 64GB model and $1,149 for larger 256GB model. There is a rumour that Apple might bring out lower cost variant of iPhone with bezel-less non OLED variant iPhone in 2018. iPhone X has been released on November 3, 2017 and is available to buy on all ecommerce platforms.

iPhone X Screen

When you pick the handset up in your hands the first thing to notice is the new screen that blazes in your eyes. iPhone X has got 5.8-inch OLED display that seems out to be the best. The phone leaps ahead iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for many reasons like sharpness, quality, color and most important fact that it is covering the whole front of smartphone. The phone has got new longer screen on papers than iPhone 8 Plus which has 5.5-inch screen but while comparing the screen size in hands seems iPhone X is marginally bigger as the screen is just stretched upwards. OLED technology gives deeper black and more blinding whites that provides a better view if photos and websites. Earlier Samsung was using OLED screens to its phones but now Apple is also in the race with the screens implemented in its phones.

iPhone X design front

The screen has been quite incredibly placed on the smartphone that is not so sharpest or most colorful but it is crisp and clean that is far away from color shifts when moved around. It has got the best display that we usually want to be in a smartphone. Also the screen has been tested out the best screen in the world with brightest and more accurate OLED right now by DisplayMate testing. It has got good off-center shifts that makes Apple best tech tuner from Samsung. Slight bends can be found near and around the edges of the screen that prevents accidental damage done to the screen also fingers can be landed perfectly on that. Apple might think to reduce it further so that it looks more appealing iPhone. If we talk about the visual appeal of the phone we can see that notch placed at the top divides the opinion that is somewhat fair. The little chunk on the top of screen has been provided for True Depth camera.

Using in portrait mode the little chunk does not show up and the notifications bar spills around which looks nice to see. However, when we place the phone in landscape mode we can notice those that is somewhat irritating while watching movies. When the screen is expanded we can see the real beauty of the phone where the elements were cut by the notch. Longer screen can be found in many other Android phones with 18:9 format where numerous apps are already available to fit the screen size. In case of iPhone X not many apps are provided in such format and while accessing one of these apps showed massive black bars below and above the screen. However, it quickly started to improve as each day many apps are updated for longer screen. The black bars on the screen resembles iPhone X similar to manny other handsets like iPhone 3GS. The screen tends out to be the main differentiators on this phone where we want every app to be shown nicely on the screen. Its good to see that many developers are now updating their wares to make it friendly with iPhone X. It is sad to know that Google Maps, mails, etc. apps have not been updated to the screen size and this should be considered by the search giant to keeping improving apps since iPhone being the big market.

HDR playback is a new feature added to iPhone X that is able to show movies in encoded in HDR10 and Dolby Vision format. These both formats are combined in OLED display that shows images in more depth and realistic way color reproduction. The explosions scene is incredible to watch in iPhone X in complete OLED screen. However, in darker scenes you might to adjust to view in detail. The screen of iPhone X once compared to other iPhone 8 Plus we can see a huge difference in richness, quality and depth while watching movies. True Tone display has been provided that easily mimics lightening conditions and adjusts white balance automatically. iPhone X with these premium features makes it the phone worthy of this price.

iPhone X Face ID

Apple has replaced its fingerprint-scanning to facial recognition that is very simple by placing your face into view at the start. This is all and you will be able to access your phone when iPhone X has seen your eyes, nose and mouth. Facial recognition from Apple in iPhone X has left behind biometric devices or technology. Many of the phones has been tested for facial recognition and none stands to be better than iPhone X. This tech works like charm and is many steps above from other phones in the market. When tested in pitch black room with dim light it worked perfectly for both unlocking the phone and using applications. This proves that apple has nailed the technology in a perfect way. Slight delay can be there sometimes while unlocking but this is to be completely ignored as it sometimes unlocking while the eyes are looking elsewhere. Just keep looking at your phone and it gets unlocked automatically.

iPhone X underwater Face ID test

iPhone X underwater Face ID test

Surprisingly Face Id also works when you are wearing sunglasses until and unless the infrared scanner is able to penetrate the lenses. This usually depends on your shades if they are able to pass infrared rays through them. There are reports that sometimes it doesn’t work properly in certain conditions, however we have not experienced any issues while using this system in direct sunlight. If experiencing such circumstances it is advised to hold the device little closer or alternatively you can use the passcode system much easier to unlock. The usual issue would be When you leave your phone flat on desk, everytime it needs to be raised higher to unlock your device and check updates. When both Touch Id and Face Id were compared surprisingly Touch Id came to be out faster than Facial recognition method. This made us to start wondering why Apple changed things?

Facial recognition method by Apple tends out to be the most secured unlocking method and is much easier to unlock rather then placing your finger on the spot provided in Touch Id. You need to find the spot however no such thing in Face Id. Also, there’s no home button as there’s no space in front but at rear or at side of the phone fingerprint Id should have been placed similar to as they are in Sony handsets. Previously when using Apple Pay with Touch ID was bit easy. In order to pay you simply need to place your finger on home button and it verifies the payment. However, in Face ID you need to double tap the side button so that Face ID gets activated and then register your face to pay. It’s not so hard but it will take time at first as you need to double tab side button and then you will get used to it. Face ID consists of TrueDepth camera placed at the top of phone. We still don’t know if Apple has introduced this technology to sell its new phone.

Facial mapping camera is no doubt accurate and powerful with TrueDepth camera. However, there’s nothing much that can be done right now since only few apps are accessible from this. One more added feature of TrueDepth camera is taking selfies in Portrait mode by blurring the background which seems excellent. Apple has indeed created first class front facing camera.

iPhone X Animoji

iPhone X Live Animoji Selfie

You must have heard about Animoji, it has got more fun in iPhone X and the feature which makes them more interesting is to create a talking emoji using Face ID. It’s truly fun where you can create your own talking robot, dog, cat, etc. avatars also you can send these talking emoji’s to your friends. The level of quality is amazing as your flicker of eyebrows can create an unicorns ear flap or your raised eyebrows can push an alien emoji’s brow upwards. This feature cant be said as a deal breaker to buy this phone as there were many features which were added earlier. It is something which you will like at first and then will forget when time passed by. You can’t share the videos in apps with your friends and also you won’t be able to send emoji’s to them until and unless they too have iPhone x. However, this feature will surely be liked by children and they can play around with these all time by facing in front of TrueDepth camera. This expensive TrueDepth hardware is still to be see whether it will be a gamechanger or just an expensive technology.

iPhone X Performance & iOS 11

If you have been already using iPhone then you must have tried iOS 11, however it is different in new iPhone X consisting main difference in home button which you will notice. This is because Apple wants to have all swipey in iOS and now has added Gestures. If you swipe up from bottom of screen it will not open Control Center but it acts as home button. Similarly if you want to open running apps you need to do demi-swipe a little upwards for little bit to access the home screen. To shut down any app you need to press and then swipe whereas it was easier to do earlier by simply swiping it to close it. This clearly shows that Apple has integrated all functions into Gestures. Control center has been placed to right notch at the top of screen and notifications are shown on the left. These placements seems great and well placed from earlier where control panel was at bottom. When using phone in landscape mode you will probably run in trouble to open control panel as the notifications takes whole panel. To access the control panel one needs to swipe exactly from the top right hand corner. On day to day usage these will become buttery smooth and lot of things has been improved in it before launching in market.

iPhone X gaming and performance

iPhone X gaming and performance

iPhone X has been provided powerful engine which sits at the heart of phone that runs by A11 Bionic chip with 3GB RAM. Not much RAM has been provided but this is what Apple has ever provided in a phone. According to Geekbench scores iPhone X is yet the most powerful phones right now in market similar to iPhone 8 Plus. We can not judge a phone’s performance simply by its scores. While testing iPhone X for its performance it did not came out to be much faster or incredible surprising performance. However, the phone is a well optimized smartphone.

Stronger Power and Performance can be found when playing games but still there are games that do not run quite well on several smartphones no matter how much power has been provided beneath the hood. Talking about real-world surrounding games or AR Gaming has always been a part of Apple’s strategy and while playing game of The Machines we see that top games look colorful and bright on OLED screen. This preferably makes a better smartphones for gamers. The only drawback is that gaming on iPhone X draws a lot of battery sooner, however this can be avoided as this has not been in concern yet by Apple. Also Taptic engine enhances gaming in iPhone X, this has also been appeared in earlier phones. When using this vibator motor or Taptic Engine you will experience real gun firing, taking hits and many more gaming experience directly in hands.

iPhone X Design

iPhone X design is a blend mixture of both old and new where you can easily see the new parts consisting of very little bezel with a glass black without the home button. It has got the same rounded shape as it was in iPhone 3G. Both phones when picking up for the same time feels same. However, when iPhone X is in hands it feels like true premium phone with a bit heavy steel rim outside blends and all around curved glasses. It really feels an expensive phone. A polished silver screen bend can be found in iPhone x silver version whereas the black version has dark coloring that has been attached by a process known as vapor deposition. This simply means the bands has not been painted in fact it is inside the metal providing a premium feeling that Apple has always given. Also there’s a warning that continuous usage of phone while placing it in pockets a few scuffing can be found so it’s better to put it in a case or similar kind of skin to look nice for longer. The phone weighs less when compared to iPhone 8 Plus approximately 174g whereas iPhone 8 weighs approx. 202g. However, the phone feels heavier in hands. The phone feels stronger in hands build strong with IP67 water-resistant technology.

The front and back of the phone has been designed by glass and Apple believes it to be the strongest phone till now. You won’t be able to bend the phone if you knowingly sit on it. One thing is disappointing is that when you place an oily finger at the outer band it will get covered with fingerprints whereas there’s no such thing on front and back glass. Rear glass being the same in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus iPhone X stands out to be a bit different in terms of design with all buttons placed elegantly in the rim of smartphone with sharpness in each key designed by machine. The same can be found with the camera bump placed at the rear side of the phone with sharper edges a bit different from iPhone 8. This clearly resembles that Apple is taking new design as provided in iPhone X.

iPhone X back

iPhone X rear design

This smartphone is easy to use via single hand. It balances perfectly in one hand due to glass and metal combination that makes the phone grippy and thumbs can easily roam on the slippery surface. Sometimes the other hand is required to push down notifications panel and control center that is okay. iPhone X provides good mixture of phablet-sized screen that can be easily handled by one hand.

Apple has precisely incorporated speakers into this phone and the sound quality is really amazing. One speaker has been placed downwards at the bottom of the phone from which movies can be easily listened without the headphones. It has got louder sound as expected. There’s no headphone jack instead you can use a pair of bluetooth headphones.

iPhone X Camera

iPhone X camera is very similar to that of iPhone 8 Plus with little differences. Both consists of 12MP sensor array and the only difference is in focal aperture where iPhone X has f/2.4 and iPhone 8 Plus has f/2.8, the optical image stabilization is found only in wide-angle. The phone has got best camera in the market but only for still images. Front facing TrueDepth camera is of 7MP but there are awesome features and clearity that makes it the best selfie camera phone in the market. The front facing camera has the ability to sense depth very well therefore in Portrait mode it can take selfies very well. It has ability to blur the background and change the lightening of the scene also you can even cut yourself completely out of the picture and can place it on a complete black background. However, sometimes the head and body are not placed perfectly. It takes time and little effort to place it in position after this when you see the picture you will be surprised by the quality of camera with stunning shots in detail.

iPhone X camera

Beautiful clear shots in detail

We can not say its the best camera in the market but still the images taken has natural looks. Pictures taken looks great on iPhone X OLED display screen as this phone has got improved contrasts and better colors. When sharing the pictures with Apple TV shows brighter images than what it looks like on phone screen. Live photos a feature of iOS 11 helps to loop, bounce or expose long photos in a fun way that can be also shared with your friends. Due to A11 Bionic chip inside camera quality of iPhone X has improved and is now much stronger and speedy. Even the low light performance is far better than previous iPhones with bigger apertures yet both deliver almost same kind of zoomed low light image performance.

iPhone X Battery

Battery of iPhone X is a little larger from iPhone 8 Plus with 2716mAh power. This is one of the largest battery capacity holding phone by Apple provided the screen size is also large so it makes sense. We can not say that battery is excellent but when compared with other iPhones it’s certainly the best. While testing the phone with heavy applications it worked for 12 hours also in between we watched videos on HDR mode and listened to music while the hotspot was on for longer period of time. We were able to watch movie while the battery life was still left 5% in power saving mode. It worked for almost 35 minutes. We tried to drain as much battery as we can with day to day application usage like WhatsApp, browsing Internet, Facebook, Bluetooth streaming, etc. and are able to say that iPhone X battery does work for 18 hours because of OLED technology that do not suck much battery. Even while watching a 90 minute full HD video with 100% brightness iPhone X lost only 10% of battery whereas iPhone 8 Plus lost 25% battery.

Wireless Pad can also be invested if you are a heavy phone user as you can charge your phone sitting at office or at home without carrying wire and charger. iPhone X gets fully charged in 2 hours and 15 minutes in Airplane mode when it’s completely dead. Also in case of rush it can charge 20% in just 15 minutes.

iPhone X battery has A11 Fusion chip inside that improves battery life and is much more efficient by 10nm manufacturing process. With this iPhone X Apple has tried to provide both power and efficiency in a better way. In terms of screen and battery life this phone is pretty much similar to a phablet and battery size almost equal to iPhone 8 Plus. There’s no doubt that the phone has got good battery life.


iPhone X is probably not for Android fan, it’s only for those who know the iPhone ecosystem very well and does not want to leave it but are bored of same old design from 4 years. After going through this phone it is clear that Apple has definitely learned something from its past handsets. The greatest iPhone apart from X was iPhone 4 that helped Apple to bring up in the market by excellent user experience from poor specs by a stronger design and decent performance. iPhone X is taking everything in a whole new different direction by providing something that users have never explored in iOS world. Great raw performance, selfie camera, Face ID and all new OLED screen is probably the best direction Apple is moving. Also the company itself says iPhone X is the future of smartphones, however there are phones in the market with similar features compared to iPhone and they fail to provide perfectly shaped phone and quality. iPhone X is indeed the best future phone of Apple.

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