LG G6 review

LG G6 review

Nowadays if we look around different smartphones we can see that almost every smartphone looks somewhat similar however, LG G6 has been designed to immediately stand out of the crowd providing the device a distinctive shape. Most cellphone manufacturer companies usually build devices in 16:9 wide-screen formats where as G6 has been designed with 18:9 aspect ratio giving smartphone a bold departure that makes a lot of sense too. Building taller smartphone screens provides a luxury feel in hands. When measured from diagonal it stands out be of 5.7 inches without cumbersome width which makes bigger screen phones look awkward when holded in hands.

LG G6 review: Design and Body Quality

G6 when holded in hands looks and gives a feeling of high tech handset due to stylish metal frame and glass provided at the backside. Also, Gorilla Glass 5 has been used for better shatter-proofing and making the device scratch resistance. The phone also supports fingerprint sensing technology.In the front side display which consists of 5.7 inches, Gorilla Glass 3 has been used with angled design from internal side of the screen. This provides safety to screen when the phone accidentally drops off from side which does not harm the screen. Therefore, LG G6 has been designed to reduce likelihood of any breakage. Also, the phone has been built with water resistance feature if it is accidentally dropped in water. Due to IP68-rated technology it can submerge and withstand in water for about 30 minutes in a depth of 1.5m.

Minimal controls and connections have been provided in the phone. Type-C USB charging port has been used which provides faster charging of phone. Also, 3.5mm headphone jack socket can be found at the top. Like previous LG smartphones which consists of power buttons located at the back of the phone beneath camera, this same design can also be found in new LG G6 smartphone.

LG G6 review: Display

The phone’s unusual shape display is one of the most attractive shape till now. However, in pictures it doesn’t look like this. G6 can be easily handled and can be operated from one hand providing an expanded view-port, excellent for browsing web and playing games.Apart from dimensions there are several other features of the phone which makes it stand out of other phones trending right now. Talking about display, LG G6 has been equipped with IPS panel with features of HDR 10 support through which Amazon Prime and Netflix videos can be enjoyed in HDR format.

LG G6 review: display

Image Courtesy: AndroidPIT

For everyday use, this phone is an ideal phone as when maximum brightness measured comes to be around 492cd/m2 and deep blacks were coming out at 0.23cd/m2. These measurements provides a contrast ratio of 2,139:1 and above providing realistic IPS phone screens.One drawback of the display screen which also seems to be disappointing is its color reproduction. When G6’s sRGB gamut were measured it showed screen covered 93.22% which is quite good score. However, even AMOLED displays also do better.

LG G6 review: Software and Performance

New LG G6 has been loaded with Android 7 which can not be realized when using the smartphone normally as it has been overlaid with LG UX 6. The most interesting feature of the phone is that multitasking has become much easier and smoother as the screen can be easily split into squares. This is a very helpful feature take for example, if you are searching for restaurants and you can simultaneously open Google Maps for direction. Similarly, you can shoot new images by keeping your gallery open.

While operating the phone with two apps running simultaneously, we did not encounter any lag or hiccups. However, internal hardware and processor does not look so impressive. LG G6 consists of quad-core Snapdragon ARM 821 processor which is used by Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. The phone supports 4GB of RAM clocked at 2.35GHz has been a modest step up from Snapdragon 820 normally found in G5.

LG G6 review: Battery

LG G6 has been powered with 3300 mAh of battery. When tested, the phone worked for about 12 hours which is a decent battery life. Compared with Google Pixel, it managed to survive for 16 hours 23 mins and Galaxy S7 lasted for 17 hours and 48 minutes.

By providing Snapdragon 821 architecture, LG G6 has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 technology that charges phone to 50% in 30 minutes. In the box you will find a faster charger and USB Type-C cable with earphones.

LG G6 review: camera

The most impressive feature of LG G5 was its dual lens camera. This has been retained in new LG G6 where at the rear side 125 degree wide angle lens and another standard camera lens of 71 degree field view has been placed. In G5 main camera consists of f/1.8 aperture which allows to work brilliantly even in dim light has been upgraded in LG G6 with wide angle lens slightly narrower at f/22.4. Resolution in LG G6 has been dropped from 16 MP to 13 MP still the phone provides detailed and clear image. Dual-LED light of the phone provides an excellent natural light that does not color’s photos to pink or blue which can be found in many smartphone flashes.

LG G6 Image Sample

LG G6 Captured Image Sample “Courtesy: digitaltrends”

As already described that G6’s wide screen feature lets you do mufti-tasking simultaneously therefore, you can easily review your previous image captured while keeping camera for immediate shot. There’s an LG camera app provided which provides impressive range of options and modes like shooting in panorama mode and HDR scenes as well as capture easily in slow motion and time-lapse videos. For those who are much engaged in photography thing, they have the inbuilt option for manual photo and video modes. To take still photos you can tweak to focus, shutter speed, ISO and white balance effect and exposure compensation. When you are shooting in video mode then also manual mode will help you adjust the mic voice gain. It also contains the option to adjust wind noise filter and applying exposure locking. There are several options to take video recording that can be done in 4K at aspect ratio of 16:9 at 30 fps and in HD mode it is recorded at 60 fps. In the drop-down provided you have the option to shoot at 120 fps with aspect ratio of 16:9 and 60 fps in cinematic mode 18:9 or in 21:9 formats.

LG G6 review: Conclusion

LG G6 has been designed smartly with decent look and design provided with big screen. The phone also consists of impressive camera with inbuilt great options, meeting a photographer’s experts. However, before buying LG G6 it is advised to also check out Samsung Galaxy S8+. This is because Samsung Galaxy S8+ has been launched in similar shape and design with more powerful processor and best in class AMOLED screen equipped with more colors. Samsung Galaxy S8+ has more internal storage than LG G6.

These qualities of Galaxy S8+ does not mean that LG G6 is not appealing. LG G6 much cheaper than S8+. It is expected that the price might fall down, however we do not guarantee this. If you are thinking to buy right now then it is advised to loosen your pocket a bit for Samsung Galaxy S8+

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