Nokia 3310 – Nokia Brick Phone is back again!

Nokia 3310 - Nokia Brick Phone is back again!

Nokia 3310 is one nostalgious phone which is able to sell itself. Nokia brick phone derived from Nokia 3310 is one of most famous and popular mobile till now because of its durability, long lasting battery including much popular Snake game. These are some of excellent Nokia phone features which now reignites by Nokia team to built a phone which was once a leader in cell phone market.

Know more about this lovingly crafted new Nokia 3310 an iconic handset with additional features. If you are a fan of Nokia mobiles then you will must want to pick one. If you are unaware of previous Nokia 3310 feature phone then this new Nokia 3310 will never reach your expectations like modern day smartphones as once again it’s a feature phone with only few modern – day upgrades.

Nokia 3310 Price 

Nokia 3310 of 2017 will be available at price around $40 (~ €49, £35, AU$55) which is good to pay for a secondary phone. This might appeal Nokia fans because this low cost feature phone has got better spec sheet which justifies its cost. Nokia 3310 new release 2017 is not yet confirmed when it will be launched or will be available in market.

Nokia 3310 Design

If we look at new Nokia 3310 from front, we will see that it is identical to old Nokia 3310 which is paying homage to earlier to one. There has been a distinctive border placed around screen including retro throwback layout of num keys. The phone has been slimmed down to meet modernized design making Nokia 3310 pocketable.

Weight of Nokia 3310 is 79.6 g which makes the phone lighter enough when compared with previous phone weighing around 137g. It can be easily slipped into pocket and you are gonna forget if phone is even there. Body construction of Nokia 3310 consists of plastic construction which feels solid however, only time is gonna tell us if it is going to withstand beatings which previous Nokia phone survived.

Nokia 3310 will be available in market with traditional dark blue and grey color which was used in earlier version. The newer version consists of psychedelic yellow and warm red color. Out of these four colors, dark blue looks perfect to carry in hands. Design of phone is built solid however, Nokia had made phone little closer to previous 3310 look and feel. Looking at thickness of the device including rear thickness which is quite thicker resembles that the original thickness would have been nice.

Display of Nokia 3310 is a real blast from the past which is a significant upgrade from the old. New Nokia 3310 consists of 3.4 inch screen with 240 X 320 bright color display which ain’t crisp even. Since, the phone is priced very low in market, therefore, no touchscreen has been provided which is a good thing as it saves more battery power. Text is also clearly readable including new version of Snake game which is not a blockbuster graphic otherwise it would have ruined appeal of this great durable phone.

Nokia 3310 Performance and Interface

Which OS does Nokia 3310 carry? Android ? No. Windows 10? Absolutely Not.

Nokia has used its feature phone operating system consisting of 3310 running Nokia Series 30+. This provides a number of menu options as it was in previous version like Call Logs, Contacts, Calculator, messages, basic web browser, photos, radio, music player, voice recoder and camera applications. Also, consists of an appstore from where users can download games and apps. It has been also confirmed by Nokia officials that Facebook and Twitter will also work in new Nokia 3310. These all features make Nokia 3310 a surprising feature phone equipped with abilities above basic text messaging and calls.The most disappointing thing about this phone is that new Nokia 3310 is only 2.5 G compatible which means it lacks 3G or 4G data speeds and making it a very basic browsing experience phone. It is assumed that certain markets would be able to download simplified Twitter and Facebook apps. Nokia 3310 also lacks Wi -Fi therefore, faster connections cannot be built at home or offices. Bluetooth, music player and 3.5 mm headphone jack are provided with the phone which helps to listen any tracks saved in microSD card. Internal storage of new Nokia 3310 consists of 16MB of intenral storage which can save seven photos of 2MP camera. Thanks! to microSD card by using which storage can be increased.

Nokia 3310 Battery and Camera

It is a known fact that previous Nokia 3310 is still popular for its durability and long battery life. So there is a good news for people eyeing on New Nokia 3310 which has 1200 mAh of battery power pack which has been upgraded from 900mAh which was in original. The phone is capable enough to boasts 22 hours of talktime which lasts upto 31 days on standby mode. It is huge upgrade in terms of power from 2.5 hours of talktime to 260 hours which makes approx 11 days. 3310 phone can be charged with a standard micro USB cable therefore, no need to search for old – school charger.

When 3310 was launched earlier, cameras were not much used in phones. However, this is year 2017 which makes a sense for new Nokia 3310 to equip it with camera even if it’s of low megapixel. Camera provided in new phone is 2MP camera on rear side of phone and no flash, HDR, panorama mode or any fancy things are provided which makes Nokia 3310 a handy feature phone over secondary smartphones. Image quality is also acceptable when clicked from new Nokia 3310.

Nokia’s low price and pleasing features including battery life and light weight provides an appealing option to those who are looking for a back-up handset or festival phone or for those who want to simply have retro phone.

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