Nokia 8 review: First Flagship Phone by Nokia

Nokia 8 review

Nokia 8 is first flagship phone by HMD Global that has got everything which you find generally in a flagship phone. If you are looking for any extra standout feature then you may be little disappointed as currently it is the first flagship phone by Nokia and contains general features and specifications found in another competitive flagship smartphones. Therefore, it is difficult to recommend this phone over others. However, the phone has been beautifully designed giving shiny effect. Also, it has dual sensor primary or rear camera along with interesting software.Nokia 8 completes the first range of smartphones by HMD Global who has been using Nokia brand. The series consist of Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 8. These are all mid range phone known for durability. Earlier we have seen PR win of new Nokia 3310 (also known as “Brick Phone”) that people found so exciting and now here is Nokia’s first flagship phone in 2017.

Nokia 8 Release Date and Price

Exact release date of Nokia 8 is not clear but hint has been given that it might be hitting smartphone industry in September for most markets. It is clear that it will be launching in UK but it is not clear if it is going to be launched in India, USA or Australia.

The price has been kept $700 making it fall in the range of flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the competition is high as no extra feature has been added to impress users.

Nokia 8 Design and Display

Design of Nokia 8 is indeed beautiful and is one of the key elements it has got. Nokia branding at rear fits beautifully making phone look great in hands. It is one of the best good looking phone. The design of body is made of aluminium that has metal edges around in the corners of the phone also the back of the phone has been designed of aluminium metal as well. However, the feel of phone in hands depends on what version you buy. Body of Nokia flagship phone is 7.9mm thick and the edges has been curved down due to this it perfectly fits in hands.

For those who do not like much bigger phone can also opt for 5.3-inch screen size consisting of same features and specifications. The screen of the phone consists of LCD panel with QHD resolution. Also the brightness level is 700 nits that means phone’s screen easily view-able in sunlight. At the top and bottom of phone antenna lines can be seen that fits perfectly with the look of phone. It is said that company has provided two antenna lines on top and bottom of phone to provide better network connectivity. At very below of the screen, fingerprint scanner has been provided in between navigation buttons at both ends. This is easier to unlock your phone rather than upper side sensor found in many other flagship phones.

Nokia 8 Power and Battery

This new flagship phone by Nokia is bit snappy when its under fingers. It has got best in class Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip-set that is expected to handle anything we throw at it. The phone has got 4GB of RAM similar to other flagship phones. Internal storage consists of 64GB of memory with extendable upto 256GB via microSD card. This provides you a lot of space for all your favorite apps and games.

When we tried our hands on Nokia 8 the Snapdragon processor found to be faster, we will be soon providing you complete review once it is released. Since, it’s a first flagship phone by Nokia in this year we expect battery life to be according to that. It is yet to bee seen how it performs and lasts in Android Operating System.

Battery of Nokia 8 consists of 3,090mAh battery therefore, it seems it needs to struggle a lot. However liquid cooling system has been added that keeps the phone cool. Due to this a lot of power is needed. The phone charges faster due to USB-C port placed at bottom of phone with Quick charge 3.0. However, no wireless charging facility has been provided.

Nokia 8 Camera

The most important thing to notice in this phone is it’s dual sensor camera that gives impressive photos. As most of the expensive phones of 2017 consists of 13MP camera, the same has been provided in Nokia 8 with two 13MP camera shooter placed perfectly at backside of phone. Out of the two one camera has RGB lens where other consists of a monochrome shooter. Also in low light you have the option to combine two images for true filter free black and white shots. When tested we found camera to be really sharp and speedy to shoot pictures and it did performed well.

Nokia 8 Camera Image Sample

Front selfie camera also consists of 13MP that gives sharp images with option to stream live on Facebook or Twitter with front and back both cameras at the same time. This is named as #Bothie by Nokia where the idea stands to give better image quality with your reactions. This feature can be found in many apps but if you get it in a phone then you will actually use it and will probably like it.

To record films OZO Audio has been included that has similar technology as found in OZO virtual reality camera. Three microphones are used to record immersive 360 degree sound. For this Nokia has its own algorithm.

Nokia 8 Early Verdict

Display: 5.3-inch | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64 GB | Rear Camera: 13MP+13MP | Front Camera: 13MP | Processor: Snapdragon 835 | OS: Android 7.1 Nougat | Battery: 3,090mAh

Nokia 8 indeed is a great phone with full of package and beautiful design containing QHD display including awesome camera features and powerful internals. However when compared to other fantastic phones right now in 2017 it will surely struggle within this high price range as it does not have edge to edge display quality or something different from others to go for it.

The same features and specifications are available right now in OnePlus 5 and Honor 9 that are available for lot less price. Therefore, it is hard to recommend Nokia 8 over others.

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