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OnePlus has surprised everyone with the release of much enhanced and improved version of OnePlus 3. It’s been only few months from release of OnePlus 3 and now we have OnePlus 3T. The company also owns a strong and committed fan-base much stronger than apple and with improved version of OnePlus 3 it is clear that the firm really listens to its fans. After usage of both phones, there’s no doubt in performance, power and camera sectors. When compared with Google Pixel, the phone is half of the price of Pixel XL with features and performance almost equal to that. To discuss things in detail let’s have a look at OnePlus 3T review.


When seen from outside, the phone looks similar to its predecessor OnePlus3 and measures same components like 5.5-inch touchscreen, 1080 pixels of display quality and 16 Mp of camera consisting of autofocus and f/2.0 aperture. Same antenna lines and 3-notch notification switch has been provided. The truth is that without using OnePlus 3T, nobody can distinguish between OnePlus 3 and 3T.

While the company has put all its efforts to fix things of OnePlus 3, it fails to fix certain things like for example, edges of the phone which still has not been fixed that can be still be found sharp without cases. However, official cases of OnePlus smartphones are comfortable in hands and provide sober look to the phone.

OnePlus-3T has been designed to give sober look when holded in hands

The most interesting thing about OnePlus 3T is its software that has custom Android 6.0.1 overlay known as OxygenOS. Normally people do not like Android skins including me as it adds unnecessary bloating and inappropriate themeing. Talking about OxygenOS, is one exceptional skin which adds to android for perfection. It is much more similar too stock operating systems with some nice features added to it, for example, to wake up gestures simply tap on it, similarly hardware controls and customization can be done easily and so on. Every time when a button is tapped on virtual keyboards a comfortable vibration can be felt which adds to overall typing experience.

The only drawback of OxygenOs is that it takes time when updated. As we know Google has already launched its new Android 7.1 which can be found in new smartphones of 2017, however, OnePlus 3T is yet to be released with an update version of software. Luckily, company has released a non-beta version of Android Nougat of OxygenOS so that users need not to wait longer for to get all latest Android core features.


No improvement can be seen in rear and selfie camera of OnePlus and 3T. Both phones consists of same 16MP sensor with f/2.0 aperture consisting of single LED flash. The auto focus phase detection is not as fast as that of Samsung Galaxy S7’s shooter, however, you can still quickly refocus on fly with perfect landscape shots.

One useful addition has been done of electronic image stabilization also known as EIS. As already OnePlus 3T has optical image stabilization that helps to overcome blurring images when captured with shaky hands. EIS has taken one step further and has applied this technology to video as well. While capturing any movie, internal gyroscope is used to monitor real time shakening of camera which is then compensated to provide better quality video. Quality of video is awesome even when video is captured while walking on road or sitting in a car.

OnePlus 3T Camera Image Sample

OnePlus 3T Camera Sample [Image Credit: Kote Puerto]

EIS being only the major addittion to OnePlus 3T’s primary camera, the front selfie camera has been increased form 5 MP to massive 16 MP which is equivalent to rear-facing shooter camera. Front camera can not be used for 4K video as it does not contain OIS, however, much improved picture quality can be found in OnePlus 3T then it’s predecessors.

Internal Specifications

The biggest improvement found in OnePlus 3T is it’s processor also known as system on chip or SoC. Like many android companies OnePlus has upgraded processor in new 3T smartphone. OnePlus 3 is equipped with Snapdragon 820 chip whereas OnePlus 3T comes with Snapdragon 821. Difference between these two processors is very little. When tested and compared with OnePlus 3, the differnce came out to be only 3%. However, heat reduction is surprising. OnePlus 3T does not heat too much when performing several tasks at a time. In OnePlus 3, heating was a major issue where the heat of the processor remained even while doing simple tasks.Snapdragon 821 does not heat up much and remains cool for longer duration.

With addition of new processor, the device is equipped with 6 GB of RAM. Also, you have the option to choose either 64 GB or 128 GB of internal storage phone models. Also, please be informed before buying that the smartphone does not support SD cards, therefore, you does not have the option to expand storage beyond whatever has been already provided.


Any smartphone’s battery depends on two factors – life and charge time.The battery life of new 3T is solid, however it is average when compared with big screen size phones. When tested by continous web-browsing, it stood for upto 10 hours and 27 minutes, just 11 minutes prior to that of apple iPhone 7. This can also be treated as tremendous improvement from OnePlus 3 which only lasted for 8 hours and 33 minutes.The another factor (charge time) is also very important. The device itself has a tag line ” a day’s power in half an hour”. When tested this tagline came out to be true. It depends on users usage, so results may vary. OnePlus 3T gets 50% charge in half an hour and also 100% charging is done in 90 minutes. If you are a heavy user of smartphones then you can charge this phone for a day in 20 minutes that can last till your bedtime.


After using this phone, it feels like OnePlus 3T has been improved a lot from its predecessor. Components used are either identical or better than OnePlus 3. The 3T smartphone does not have barometer as found in previous OnePlus 3. However, barometer does not seems to be used too much in real life. Some smartphone manufacturers normally include for esoteric reasons. Except baromete OnePlus 3T has all identical ports and sensors similar to that of OnePlus 3. Finger print scanner of the new phone is also as reliable as iPhone and Pixel. For contactless payments, it is recommended to use Google Pay. At the bottom of the phone, 3.5mm headphone jack can be found that means cord will not flip around your phone’s screen. Also, it would be easier for you to click images without any disturbance.


OnePlus 3T is excellent android smartphone available within price range of $200 to $300. However, the phone lacks waterproofing and 1440p display quality But this can be considered as phone’s price has been already been slashed according to that. The phone stands out to be good to miss out.

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