OnePlus 5 review: Best Phone of 2017

OnePlus 5 review

OnePlus 5 when seen for first time doesn’t looks like the company building this phone is only four years old. Like many handsets available in the market from this manufacturer, OnePlus 5 is not as cheap as the previous mobile phones. Infact it is an excellent phone in the market right now due to its design and performance. Many giant smartphone companies spend lots of money on phone design, research and development but none has been able to produce phone like OnePlus 5. This phone is said to be the best phone of 2017 where the price is also lower then of its competitors. If we look at previous phones of OnePlus 5, we will see that this Chinese company has build many impressive phones and with the launch of OnePlus 5 it is clear that company has learned from its previous mistakes and has built an all rounder great phone within your budget.

When looked at its specifications, it looks like its a limited upgrade, however the phone holds certain key features which makes it the next great phone you will wish to go for. The first up-gradation has been done to its camera with dual-lens that captures excellent images with beautiful background adding to it is a lossless zoom feature. This zoom feature has negligible reduction in image quality when zoomed and clicked at a particular subject. The zoom feature equipped in OnePlus 5 is similar to that of Apple iPhone 7, however now it is available at much affordable price which will help you to take smarter and clear images.

OnePlus 5 Design

Design of OnePlus 5 is spectacular and has the best looking device company has ever built. When picked up in hands, anyone can tell that this phone has been made with premium quality materials. Rounded design has been provided with previous iterations that feels comfortable when holded in hands. More importantly OnePlus 5 is the thinnest smartphone approx. 7.5mm which is much thinner than iPhone 7 – 7.1mm.
It is a lighter phone weighing around 153g only. However, the phone is not so light that it can blow up in forceful gust of wind. The color of the phone has been specially provided to hide the color of antenna bands inorder that it should not spoil full-metal look and when spotted they do not detract the design of smartphone.

OnePlus 5 design

Looking from right-hand edge side of the phone, power button has been placed. Nothing else has been placed except this so that clean line looks attractive. On left hand side of the phone silent mode button can be found along with volume buttons. Speakers has been placed at bottom of the phone along with USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. As we heard many rumors regarding headphone, OnePlus 5 has been built with the same previous audio jack technology. The company has also implement ‘Horizon Line’ concept where the idea is that half of the phone casts in shadows whereas the other in light. Through this concept new OnePlus 5 looks beautiful which gives elegant feeling in hands.

Most important thing about OnePlus 5 to be noticed is that the phone is not resistant to water. Like other IP-rated phones like iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8, etc. OnePlus lacks water proof technology, however phone will survive few drops of rain but not much.

OnePlus 5 is out for sale in two colors with two different memory and RAM sizes. The 64GB/6GB version is available in Slate Gray while other version is expensive equipped with 128GB/8GB available in midnight black model.

OnePlus 5 Display

OnePlus 5 display screen consists of 5.5-inch Full AMOLED HD display screen which is similar to that of OnePlus 3T. There were rumors regarding QHD resolution, however the company did not thought to upgrade it’s display screen. This might be disappointing for many users. The screen of OnePlus 5 looks beautiful, however much higher resolution should have been provided. Watching videos at 401 pixels also looks great. Gorilla Glass 5 has been used that protects your phone’s screen and from scratches as well.

OnePlus 5 Interface

As we know OnePlus phones uses Oxygen OS that is company’s own interface sitting on top of Android. OnePlus 5 has been equipped with current version of Android Nougat 7.1.1. Few upgrades like split-screen apps and ability to switch lock screen wallpaper are few upgrades from previous OnePlus phones. The company do not believe in upgrading their skins, infact they add something when it is very necessary that might improve Android experience. When phone is booted up, it shows only OnePlus apps due to lack of bloatware. This also makes the phone to boot faster compared to all other phones. App drawer can easily be opened by swiping up from the bottom of the home screen. This makes you to still home screen of the phone. One of the best feature also included is that to read your notifications bar, you need not to pull down from top of the screen. The notification bar can be simply accessed by dragging your fingers on any part of the home screen. OnePlus User Interface works great and android users will find it attractive and simple to navigate. Oxygen OS also has Reading Mode that no other android offers till now. Configuration can be done with certain apps to enable in this mode where blue light is filtered out with grey scale mapping so that its easier for your eyes to read. This technology has been taken from Amazon Kindle app that makes it easier for us to read for longer time.Other feature of the phone includes extended screenshots using which a page can be dragged down for full screenshot. Also, Do Not Disturb mode has been provided that switches off notifications when playing games.

OnePlus 5 Music, and Gaming

The most important thing despite of all rumors is that 3.5mm jack for wired headphones has been provided where the rumors were that it will use wireless technology as found in many phones like iPhone 7, Moto Z, etc. Audio quality of the phone is crisp and is not so remarkable like many other phones. Audio of the phone can be easily blocked with fingers. To provide better and loud audio for videos, front speakers are also used. Videos looks beautiful, however it is not as crisp as in other phones like Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, etc. because of higher resolution provided in these phones. Not much bloatware has been included for videos but still there are apps like youtube and Google Play movies to play videos. To view your own video can be accessed from Gallery.

OnePlus 5 stands out to be a good phone for gaming due to Adreno 540 graphics processor. OnePlus has not provided games, however the same can be downloaded from Play store. We tried many games on the phone like Real Racing 3 and QuizUp and these worked great. Graphics of games has been improved which means the company has put some impressive processing power.

OnePlus 5 Performance

The phone has been equipped with latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip found in many new smartphones. The processing power of the processor remains same while playing games when watched on daily basis. This technology makes it most powerful phone yet build ever. The enough is capable enough to handle any kind of games and works smoothly and perfectly. We tested many games on 8GB RAM however, 6 GB RAM is also more than enough for any phone.

OnePlus 5 Game performance

According to Geekbench score test in terms of processor power, OnePlus 5 won the race of fastest processor in the world scoring 6716. Earlier Samsung Galaxy S8 scored this with Exynos processor that scored 66303 and similar phone with Snapdragon 835 processor scored 6000. Earlier Samsung Exynos processor was the fastest phone in the world, however when both phones used in hands does not show any much difference. Also, OnePlus has been much struggling for this flagship and with new OnePlus 5 it has achieved so. It is not clear if this flagship is due to 8GB RAM but we can assume that 6GB will also be working out nearby.

OnePlus 5 Battery:

Talking about battery life of OnePlus 5, it can be certainly a big challenge for the company to remain in flagship of 2017. The phone can withstand for one day when charged fully. When compared on papers with OnePlus 3T, the battery life of OnePlus 5 has been downgraded and consists of 3,300 mAh battery with enhanced optimization whereas OnePlus 3T has 3,400 mAh battery life. Processing technology used in the phone is newer and is more efficient while consuming power.

When battery test was done by turning on full brightness and playing HD video for 90 minutes, OnePlus 5 drained 12% battery, whereas in earlier same test OnePlus 3T consumed only 13% and Samsung Galaxy S8 lost 19%. OnePlus 5 also has fast charging technology using which phone gets charged very quickly (not completely). This technology is known as Dash Charge that helps to charge few amount of battery life when you are in hurry. Like other phones it also has battery-saving mode that restricts you to access certain apps to save your battery.

OnePlus 5 Camera

In this phone many improvements in Camera can be seen. After using camera of OnePlus 5 it is clear that the company did criticized for poor innovation in camera which has now been improved in OnePlus 5 by Dual-Lens sensor. These two sensors are of Sony where the primary camera consists of 6MP along with 20 MP telephoto lens. Main camera of the phone has aperture of f/1.7 with super wide aperture to provide brighter photo. The other camera or telephoto camera has aperture of f/2.6. The two dual lens camera provide clearer photos in zoom mode as well providing you excellent image quality. This works well and like other phones which disappoints you when you click photos in zoom mode, this phone will definitely surprise you as it gives brilliant image in zoom mode. These two cameras will not give you DSLR quality images but will surely revolutionize smartphone cameras. It’s very useful for those times when you need to click far objects.

OnePlus 5 Camera Image quality

OnePlus 5 Camera Image quality

Rear camera of OnePlus 5 comes with Portrait mode that helps to get beautiful shots for both persons and of objects. It also helps you to do many tweaks to the images with interesting effects. However, there are not many tweaks like Huawei P10. You also get Pro mode that helps you to play around with camera settings, focus, white balance and much more. In Pro mode there’s also a feature that makes sure whether you are keeping the photos straight or not. This feature is very useful in cases where you are shooting an architecture.

When swiped from left in camera UI, you will see video recording options that provide you with 720p, 1080p, 1080p, at 60 frames/seconds with 4K recording option. 4K recording is worthless until and unless you have 4K device to play it on however, the other three options work well.

For playing 4K video recordings, the company owner said it will be offered via a software update in near future. Along with these modes there are other options as well like time-lapse, slow motion, panorama modes, etc.

In the front side of the phone is a 16 MP rear shooter camera for selfie purpose with lots of features, however, it can not be used in potrait mode. The rear camera provides some sharpest selfie shots when compared with other smartphones in the market. It also has the capability to record 1080p video to record your face.

One Plus 5 Conclusion

OnePlus 5 has many features compared to other smartphones trending right now but at lower price. Like, other smartphones, it does not consists of excellent audio quality like HTC U11 or display and Iris Scanner like Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus but it certainly has great power with attractive design and versatile camera. If you require a phone that does everything for you which costs higher price in the market then OnePlus 5 is a good phone to go for.

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