iPhone 7 review

iphone7 review

Apple introduced its new iPhone 7 smartphone in September, 2016. In recent years there has been decline in apple smartphones. With the release of new iPhone 7, the firm hopes to catch user attention who are seeking an upgrade. There

OnePlus 3T review

Get to know more about OnePlus 3T. Read full review on allcompanymobiles.com

OnePlus has surprised everyone with the release of much enhanced and improved version of OnePlus 3. It’s been only few months from release of OnePlus 3 and now we have OnePlus 3T. The company also owns a strong and committed

Google Pixel : Built for Android Lovers

Google Pixel XL Review

Google Pixel / XL has been designed by one of giant search engine company “Google”. Google launched Pixel smartphones to competite in market with apple and samsung. Therefore, they are replacing their Nexus series with Pixel. All manufacturing of the


Blu-ray working and difference from DVD with Codecs supported

Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc is considered to be the new generation optical disc which has been developed jointly by BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association). Blu-ray Disc association is run by leaders of consumer electronics, personal computer manufacturers like Apple, Dell, Hitachi,

EMP – E bomb capable enough to destroy all electronic items in the world

Sky after Starfish Prime Test

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) also known as E-bomb (Electromagnetic bomb) is a new kind of high-power surges weapon capable enough to render impotent even most advanced digital weapons which can paralyze whole country in nanoseconds. It has been already developed and

10 Interesting facts about Technology

10 interesting facts about technology

In a world running by internet where availability of everything right from all parts of life to proficient work operations including administration to person to person communication, it is not strange that data is establishment of our aggregate future.  Find

LG G6 review

LG G6 review

Nowadays if we look around different smartphones we can see that almost every smartphone looks somewhat similar however, LG G6 has been designed to immediately stand out of the crowd providing the device a distinctive shape. Most cellphone manufacturer companies usually

Forgot Password or Pattern Lock of Android Phone? No worries! Learn how to recover it back.

Forgot Password or Pattern Lock of Android Phone No worries! Learn how to recover it back.

Its a horrifying situation when you do not remember your android smartphone’s password.You get locked to all the contacts and apps which you might need the most when you forget you pattern lock and pass-code required to use your phone

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Biggest Screen with Powerful Features

Samsung's newly launched smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8+ Full review

Samsung Galaxy S8+ has been designed to fulfill three objectives. The first is to build and design a smartphone much better than iPhone 7 Plus. The second objective in launching this phone to provide users bigger and better Android phones

LeEco Le Pro 3 – Features, Specifications and Review

LeEco Le Pro 3 Price, Features and Specifications

LeEco is another Chinese company which is engaged in everything starting from self driving cars to branded Televisions like Vizio and now LeEco Le Pro 3. It seems like the company is trying to provide customers a one stop shop

Blackberry Keyone – Most Secured Android phone with cool keyboard

Blackberry KEYone

Blackberry Keyone is one of the most advanced and secured Android Operating System Smartphone released in May, 2017. Surprisingly, this new Blackberry Smartphone runs on Android Nougat with QWERTY keyboard and was known as “Mercury” in previous days. The smartphone is

Jailbreaking & Rooting – Everything you should know before proceeding!

Jailbreaking & Rooting - Everythhing you should know before proceeding!

Root just like root of a basic tree directory is similar to that of android operating system. It is a directory where everything is stored. This symbol “ / “ is the actual definition of root holding all your files.

Nokia 3310 – Nokia Brick Phone is back again!

Nokia 3310 - Nokia Brick Phone is back again!

Nokia 3310 is one nostalgious phone which is able to sell itself. Nokia brick phone derived from Nokia 3310 is one of most famous and popular mobile till now because of its durability, long lasting battery including much popular Snake

Top 10 mobile phones – 2017


January being start of New Year is the time for some people to get a new Smartphone. As 2017 days will pass, we will come to know plethora of new Smartphone’s. At moment, we will be discussing top 10 mobile

This Holi – Recharge and Win Car and Lots more for All Users

Mobikwik New Offers

Yes, it’s true! You can win a Bumper Car or LED Tv, Laptop, Split A.C., etc. You can make this holi a special one by simply recharging your mobile phone through the link provided below. This festival biggest brand Mobikwik

Airtel offering Free 2GB data with 4G speed for 3days

Free 2GB 4G data with Airtel 4G Hotspot

Get the power of 4G speed from Airtel for free for 3 days. To get this offer all you need to is to take free 4G Hotspot trial where after consuming 2GB in that you can return the Hotspot device

Free Rs. 100 Cashback on Recharge Of Rs. 100

freecharge Full Cashback Offer

It’s always better to save money on your daily expenses and when you are getting 100% cashback on your daily recharges that makes a WOW feeling. In order to feel you awesome once again the biggest brand “Freecharge” is providing 100%

Free Rs. 50 Cashback On Rs.50 and Rs.75 Cashback On Rs. 75 Recharge

Full cashback at Freecharge

India’s most popular recharge and bill payment service provider Freecharge has brought an exciting offer in which it is providing Rs. 50 cashback on Rs. 50 Recharge and Rs. 75 Cashback On Rs. 75 Recharge done through the link provided