Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Biggest Screen with Powerful Features

Samsung's newly launched smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8+ Full review

Samsung Galaxy S8+ has been designed to fulfill three objectives. The first is to build and design a smartphone much better than iPhone 7 Plus. The second objective in launching this phone to provide users bigger and better Android phones and the third objective is to let people forget about Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

As on papers Samsung Galaxy S8+ has provided a much better phone with a giant screen consisting of screen size 6.2” with tiny bezels loaded with killer specifications. However, in some areas like battery and camera, Samsung should have added more capacity. The battery and camera of galaxy s8 has lower capacity than that of S7 Edge. Let’s have a look on Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review, Features and Specifications so that we can know how different is this smartphone from its predecessors.

Samsung Galaxy S8 +: Design

Everyone knows that Samsung Galaxy S8+ would be a great phone through leaks renders and hands on photos and videos. The phone looked fantastic and excellent in hands. After reviewing here, we can confirm that the phone still looks awesome and fantastic in hands.

Galaxy S8+ have been designed to ditch older 16:9 ratio smartphone screen aspect ratio with S8+ consisting of 18.5:9 screen aspect ratio. Back in the days of 2009, LG confirms of providing tallest phone with its LG Chocolate BL40 and this year again with LG G6, therefore, Samsung’s S8 and S8+ are not the first wide-screen or tallest phones in fact these are the biggest phones of all times where corners of the phone have been placed with screen providing you bigger screen size.

This newly launched Samsung smartphone consists of 6.2 inches screen size where LG G6 seems to be dwarfed with 5.7 inches. On papers this is the biggest screen size smartphone available in market right now. When the phone is placed in hands, it does not seem that big. This newly designed Samsung phone is also bigger than iPhone 7 plus where Galaxy S8+ is bigger with a difference of 0.7 inches. Also, Galaxy S8 + has higher screen bezel ratios by 84 % when compared with any other phones.

S8+ is 8.1 mm thin and comprises of curved Gorilla Glass 5 both on front and at the back with combination of metal frame gives a sleek and expensive look. The phone has also been designed to prevent from dust and water with IP68 water resistance technology.  With the wider screen the smartphone has been equipped with all the array ports including USB Type – c charging and 3.5 mm headphone jack. With all the options provided it looks like Samsung phone makers did not sacrifice much in building this phone except placing fingerprint sensor to the back along with camera surround. With the placement of fingerprint scanner at the back next to camera where both these look similar, it provides a bad fingerprint user experience.

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Display

Galaxy S8+ display

Image Courtesy – Samsung

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8+ has 18.5:9 screen aspect ratio which can be measured as 6.2 inches making the phone to be instantly striking. This phone has got bigger and longer display.  AMOLED display technology has been provided in inside which has been paired with Wide Quad HD resolution of 1440 X 2960. The display of this smartphone is punchy, deeper and quite sharper which shows everything right from user interface to apps, movies, games, etc. in perfect way.

The phone has been designed somewhat similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the same screen on edge side of the phone added to screen is round corners as well. S8 + has been designed to support much advanced screen features like blue light filter for eye protection including color balance controls so that you can easily fine tune the look and feel of the smartphone according to your desire.  Adding to this the phone has been loaded with Gorilla Glass 5 display providing rich touch experience when thumbed over it where the glass is also fingerprint repellant. It is suggested to opt for lighter color to get perfect viewing experience without grubby marks.

The smartphone has not all plain screening screen side, curves at the end side adds slight color vignetting in left and right sides of the display. Viewing angles of the phone are excellent however; slight shift in color can be seen when viewed at extreme angles. Besides these small and ignorable factors, overall quality of the phone’s bigger display makes S8+ to be one of the biggest and best smartphone displays ever.

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Software

Samsung Galaxy S8 series consists of Android 7.0 which is currently the most popular smartphone OS. Samsung has provided new core interface on this OS and has included a proprietary digital assistant – Bixby.

Home screens, apps tray and pull down notification bar provides older Android user experience. Finger print scanner provided is also equipped with gesture sensitive therefore, wiping down revels your notifications. In addition to this several changes has been done to new galaxy S8+ which better streamlines user experience. Take for the example, there are no apps tray provided, to access apps you need to either swipe up or swipe down.

 At the left side of the S8+ home screen you can find Bixby home which serves handy tidbits such as appointments and interest and more. Bixby is considered as holistic assistant who also supports camera and Bixby vision. This feature easily scans barcode and products and can take you directly to Amazon purchase page or can even pull out information of any landmark which has been papped. Bixby will also support voice integration in coming future but for the now the whole user experience of Bixby is somewhat half baked.

This Galaxy Smartphone has been preloaded with many apps like comprehensive wellness tracker which proved to be accurate when tested. One can also find a Samsung connect track to better connect your devices with this phone which saves info about every device connections in Bluetooth settings. Apart from these one can also find Game launcher which easily consolidates your games with bunch of inbuilt game utilities. Overall Samsung’s new User Interface is not so bad and does not feel totally bloated.

Galaxy S8+ also consists of secondary interface at the right hand side of the display screen where this feature sits in between enriching and overloading. It can be activated by swiping from right hand side edge which shows useful information like – calendar appointments, clipboard items, key apps, etc. However, it’s easy to forget if it’s there.  Another feature which is not forgettable is the one handed mode. With long display design it does not feel valuable. It can be easily started with triple tap on home button.

Talking about the home button which is not really a button comprises of on screen pressure sensitive point has been placed similar to that of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7’s home buttons. When home button is pressed a vibration can be felt along with mimic of physical key which feels excellent to interact with.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Camera:

As per the papers, Galaxy S8+ camera is identical to that of Galaxy S7 comprising of 12-megapixel sensor with f/1.7 aperture. Front camera has been raised from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels with the same aperture as that of rear camera. Photos clicked from S8+ looks excellent. It seems Samsung has smartly fine tuned snaps for perfection when it is paired with AMOLED tech onboard. Clicked images from Galaxy S8+ provides clear pictures with some optical image stabilization. The phone takes three stills of every photo and pulls out the best photo among those three so that final image can be fine tuned. If the phone is used by some photo professional then they can access Pro Mode which enables manual photography standards like Panorama, Selective focus, slow motion and Hyper laps, etc. Provided with this there are several others which have been provided for better image quality with auto focus and supports silky smooth sweeping panorama selfies for group shots.

Apart from awesome still shots, video recording with Galaxy S8+ is also special providing resolution as high as 4K. Image stabilization can be easily seen working across all resolutions. When compared with iPhone 7 Plus one can find that Low light performance is excellent which makes Samsung Galaxy S8+ to be the best video recording smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Performance

Galaxy S8 works well in rain too

Image Courtesy – Samsung

This new Samsung smartphone has been powered with Samsung Exynos 8895 processor consisting of 4GB RAM. With the use of this kind of processor, performance will never be an issue. User interface of the phone is very smooth except Bixby stutters. The phones performance has been tested with heavy graphical games like Asphalt 8, Final Fantasy IX, etc. and no issues were found in the performance of the phone as the games were running brilliantly without any lags. The visuals of the game were also stunning on huge AMOLED panel.

With the performance of Samsung’s Exynos 8895 processor has knocked down Mate 9’s Kirin 960 processor. Samsung has emphasized more on general performance to make the phone ready for general day to day usage.  Apart from this phone has been equally equipped with stereo speakers. Games when played in landscape mode without headphones will leave you stunning with great sound.

64GB has been provided as internal storage which is ideal to play games. Samsung also provides expandable memory storage with microSD card expansion and several other features like power optimization and several other options can be found.

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Connectivity

Connections have been made simpler with Galaxy S8+. For secure unlocking iris scanner has been provided which works great beside the terrible location of fingerprint scanner. It is not necessary to keep Samsung in front of face when it is kept at table.

Also, the phone holds a heart rate monitor which simultaneously does a decent job. To measure blood oxygen saturation level an accelerometer and gyroscope has been provided which ensures the phone supports Samsung’s latest Gear VR and a compass and barometer. S8 series phones are the first phones with Bluetooth 5 features that support higher audio quality from a distance, consuming less power.  While connected to Bluetooth devices and other connections, the phone remains unlocked. To save from awkward fingerprint scanner range it is advised to use smart watch.

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Battery

Samsung Galaxy S8+ consists of 3500 mAh battery which is smaller than Galaxy S7 Edge by 100mAh. Despite this the phone easily completes one day of full working and heavy use. The most important about thing about this phone is that battery gets charged very quickly when plugged in for charging. It charges from 0-100 percent in 1hr and 18 minutes. The phone also supports wireless charging.


Samsung Galaxy is indeed one of the best flawless and fantastic smartphone designed incredibly; however the phone falls shortest with the placement of fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone.  The phone has incredible looks right from its design to big screen. Also, it operates and performs like a dream with excellent camera and better connectivity with amazing feature set along with decent battery life, an ideal phone to go for.

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