Samsung Galaxy S9 news, release date, price & rumors

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus news, release date, price and rumors

Samsung Galaxy S9 said to be the next generation flagship smartphone is confirmed to be launched in February, 2018. It has been not much time since Samsung launched its flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S8 in early 2017 and now the company is ready for Galaxy S9. Lot of rumours are coming on how the phone will look in design and what new features are included in the phone. To answer all these questions in detail we have gathered information about Samsung Galaxy S9 to help you decide whether you should wait for it.

Samsung Galaxy S9 News

A leaked image of retail box shows what all specifications are going to be incorporated in Galaxy S9. The image includes a camera with variable aperture and stereo speakers. Galaxy S9 has also been passed through FCC making it clear that the phone will support all major 4G LTE bands.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price

What it looks like that Galaxy S9 will be priced around $725 or AU$1200 and £639 that is completely based on current smartphone projections. The price is said to be almost similar to that of its earlier version. There won’t be any massive changes in the design, however there’s a doubt that price might be higher.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date

It is clear from the sources that Galaxy S9 will be launched in February, 2018 but when it will be available for consumers is still not clear. It is assumed that it might hit the stores in early March 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design

Galaxy S9 is designed almost similar to Samsung Galaxy S8 and only change can be seen in the fingerprint scanner placed beneath the camera lens. There are rumours that fingerprint ID has been built in-screen but that nots true. Curved glasses has been used both in front and in back with less bezels. Also there’s a 3.5mm headphone port not included in latest iPhone series and will also consists of Bixby button.

Samsung Galaxy S9 news design

Galaxy S9 is almost similar to Galaxy S8 with major differences. Credit: @OnLeaks

This is assumed that bezels will be less on S9 in fact smaller than Samsung Galaxy S8. From the sources it is said that the new phone will have 90% screen to body ratio whereas Galaxy S8 has 84%.

Below is the leaked image dimensions that shows that Galaxy S9 will be a bit shorter than Galaxy S8, however both will look same except the fingerprint scanner that has been placed beneath camera lens.

Samsung Galaxy S9 news Sketch and dimension

This is how Samsung Galaxy S9 will look. Credit: Weibo

There is also an alternative possibility where fingerprint scanner might be placed at the bottom of screen rather than the top. This is just an assumption and we are sure that it’s not going to happen.

There’s one source that is mentioning the possibility that samsung new phone will have a modular design consisting of magnets at the back side so that hardware accessories like battery packs, zoom lense, etc. can be attached which will be similar to Motorola’s Moto Mods. This functionality can be true to sell S9 easily in market. Also there is a possibility that Galaxy S9 will be available in Purple color making it a bit different from rest of the smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Power and OS

Snapdragon 845 has been announced by Qualcomm that is said to power up Samsung Galaxy S9. This is an octa-core chip containing four cores that runs at 2.8GHz and another four runs at 1.8GHz. These are the fastest cores that delivers more than 30% better performance than Snapdragon 835. Graphics and Artificial Intelligence performance has been improved with less usage of power. This chipset also helps camera to record 4K Ultra HD video at 60fps. This chipset will be for only US and outside US version of the phone will contain Exynos 9810. The phone will also be equipped with LTE modem and will contain download speed of 1.2Gbps which is faster than any other phones in market. This simply means that an HD movie can be downloaded in 10 seconds. It is also not sure whether we will get 6GB RAM much like the Asian Phones instead Samsung will stick to 4GB RAM. The Exynos 9810 chipset is likely to be used with Android Oreo, however with these chipsets the actual scores achieved by the flagship phone is far lower than what we are expecting from a Samsung phone. The standard S9 phone will consist of 4GB RAM with 64GB or 128GB storage. Also 4GB RAM has also been on the leaked box.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen

It is rumored that S9 will retain Galaxy S8’s 18.5:9 aspect ratio with the size almost similar to 5.8-inches as provided in S8. But there’s also another rumour that the size will be decreased to 5.65-inches. There is a surety that it will have curved glasses that’s Samsung trend to use Super AMOLED to deliver vibrant visuals and contrast.

The biggest change might be seen in fingerprint scanner that is being rumored to use new Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor that might be seen sitting below tick displays. Also, an in-sceen scanner technology has been announced by Synaptics with infinity display that is being used currently by top five manufacturers.

At the end of 2016 a new glass coating technology was licensed by Samsung that bounces off the water from phones screen. This technology is said to be introduced in upcoming Galaxy S9 so that it would be much easier to use the phone in rain.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Galaxy S9 camera is rumored to have 12MP Dual Pixel lens camera with optical image stabilisation. This is similar to that of Galaxy S8 with only difference in aperture of d/1.5-2.4. This simply means in low light shots it will use f/1.5 and f/2.4 when there is better lightning. S9 will easily switch between these conditions keeping the photo to be infocus. The phone might also have a super speed front camera of around 8MP that will support slow motion as well. The phone is also said to have a rear camera that can shoot 1000 frames in a second which is going to be something exciting in the smartphone market right now.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery and retail image

Galaxy S9 retail box image. Credit: Reddit

There is a possibility of differences in cameras of S9 and Galaxy S9 plus. A source is confirming that a dual lens snapper will be in S9 Plus whereas S9 will have only one snapper. Below is the image of a case manufacturer to give just an idea on how might it look like.

Samsung Galaxy S9 news Cover

Galaxy S9 cover showing space for camera and scanner. Credit: Weibo/Techtastic

This shows how Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a larger cut out for two camera lenses. According to previous leaks the previous cut out shows a fingerprint scanner that might be placed. We don’t know where it will placed but it will have a 3D sensor front camera being claimed on Twitter by @Universeice. They did not provide much info in detail regarding this tweet. We can assume it to technology very similar to iPhone X Face ID that has very good Facial Recognition System to unlock the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery

There is not much news about Galaxy S9 battery but a report says the company is going to use PCB tech for Exynos chipset manufacturer so that a bigger battery can be included without increasing the size of the processor. This means that Exynos version will get a bigger battery than the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. However, this might be a slight increasement in battery power. The phone also has wireless charging technology which is also in Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Extra Features

There are latest rumors regarding iris scanner of Galaxy S9 that can be boosted to 3MP from 2MP which is in Galaxy S8. This will recognize your eyes in a better way whether you wear sunglasses or has dim light. it will be faster than S8.

Sound quality is also to be said to excellent with AKG stereo speakers. Users will be also given free Bluetooth AKG headphones. The phone has also passed through Federal Communications Commission and is going to support all major 4G LTE brands and is going to be manufactured in Vietnam. The phone will also support dual-sim in Asia as it has been mentioned at Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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