How to stop spam to greet WhatsApp Good Morning messages

How to stop spam to greet whatsapp Good Morning messages

It is a true fact that every Indian has experienced spam to greet or Good Morning messages in WhatsApp. Not only these greeting messages and videos are annoying but also slows down your Android phone but also eats data and storage space. These messages are usually sent by our friends and relatives almost every single day. Due to this one out of three Android smartphones in India is running out of storage.

Wall Street Journal’s report says that the fastest growing smartphone industry is obsessed by spam to greet disorder. All Indians are part of it and the fact is we can not ignore these messages as well. Google engineers spent months to solve the acute issue that makes the phone slow. They also found that these junk messages are in form of GIFs, videos and images which are eating up your Android phone’s memory. Here we will show you on how to avoid these junk messages without hurting anyone.

One simple method is to simply navigate to photo album, select WhatsApp images folder and delete all photos that you do not want. This is the most adopted way by everyone.

Another easy and most effective method is to tweak your WhatsApp settings. This will also save your storage and data and your phone will hang less. This is a one time setting so you need not to manually delete all images and videos.

Delete WhatsApp junk files free up storage space

Open WhatsApp then tap on three dots on top right corner to open settings. In settings open Data and storage usage and move on to media auto-document settings. Uncheck media options and select which media to download while using mobile data, Wi-Fi and when in roaming.

This little tweak in WhatsApp will save lot of data and will stop unwanted data to being downloaded on your smartphone.

Google Files Go app

This app has been developed by Google after spending months on research. Files Go app after installation needs your phone’s permission to access storage. This shows total used storage and currently free available storage. When you scroll down you can see different options in folders like downloaded files, whatsApp media, slack media, etc. An Artificial Intelligence is used to sort out duplicate unused files. The whole folder can also be selected and manually deleted to free up space from junk files.

Third party apps can also be used to clear WhatsApp, Hike, etc unwanted files. Siftr Magic Cleaner is one of an intelligent app that frees up storage space.

Cleaner for WhatsApp is another app that collects all images and videos received in WhatsApp at one place that makes deleting easy. This app has simple and easy User Interface.

However these apps are not recommended by us as sometimes they themselves are heavy to run on processor which affects your overall phone’s performance.

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