Top 10 Best Smartphones of 2018

Top 10 Best Smartphones of 2018. Value for Money phones

Smartphone industry these days has attained a point where every new mobile phone device is an excellent performer. Therefore, it is impossible to make a wrong choice while shopping for best smartphone that meets all your requirements. Also there has been a polarizing difference between iOS and Android which makes it more difficult to choose with confidence. Previous year was fantastic for smartphone industry as they provided skinnier size bezels, great cameras and excellent battery life. Whether its Android or iOS we have got clear winners in specific category that satisfies the general public in terms of latest specs, designs and features. To help you decide the right best smartphone we have rounded up the top 10 best smartphones of 2018 so that you get value for money phone with latest cutting edge technology.

We have tested every phone in extreme conditions and designed this top 10 smartphones list so that you get all information about your new phone. Let’s get started from the bottom to know why the number one phone is the best from the rest.

10.) iPhone SE

Display: 4.0 inch | RAM: 2GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 1.2MP | Battery: 1624mAh

This phone is probably for users who like small screen size phones with great or latest specifications. If you want a smaller best smartphone then iPhone SE is for you. The phone has got 4-inch screen and specifications almost similar to iPhone 6S. Rear camera is of 12MP and has 2GB RAM built with Retina display, Apple 9 chipset and Apple Pay. It easily slides in your pocket and there’s no harm in calling it a little pocket rocket. However, the phone has got few drawbacks in terms of design that ain’t so beautiful and curvy like iPhone 8. iPhone SE is basically based on iPhone 5. Front camera or selfie camera has lower megapixel also the Fingerprint ID sensor is little older and slower. The best thing about this smartphone is that it is the cheapest smartphone ever released by Apple so it’s probably the good option when there’s lower budget.

9.) Honor VIEW 10

Display: 5.99inch | RAM: 4/6GB | Primary Camera: 20MP+16MP | Front: 13MP | Battery: 3750mAh

Honor View 10 is yet another good smartphone only when you disregard the price. The phone has got solid design, high end specs and excellent camera. This smartphone is almost similar to Huawei Mate 10 Pro, however in terms of price it is the most expensive phone. The phone has got a lot of neat touches mainly the dual cameras that captures striking images and single navigation key. Honor View 10 is a great phone in every aspect and only lacks in innovation that can make it a true Android flagship smartphone. At this price the phone is really a great phone to go for.

8.) LG G6

Display: 5.7 inch | RAM: 4GB | Primary Camera: 13MP | Front: 5MP | Battery: 3300mAh

LG G6 is the best good looking premium smartphone away from gimmicks ever designed by LG. A lot of excellent features are loaded in this smartphone like the wide-angle screen, tiny bezels and excellent dual cameras. The phone is handy and you will probably enjoy this smartphone. The only drawback in LG G6 is that it uses a 2016 chipset which is not quite efficient. Also it has got Android Nougat skin which can not be considered the best skin it has got. The phone feels less premium in hands and gives hollow feeling due to its rear casing. The smartphone shows that LG has done a lot to bring out its best Android smartphone in industry but it fails our expectation when we compare it to other flagship phones of same price. The phone is good when you get it at decent price.

7.) Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Display: 6.0inch | RAM: 4/6GB | Primary Camera: 20MP+12MP | Front: 8MP | Battery: 4000mAh

Huawei Mate 10 Pro is the best flagship smartphone from Chinese manufacturer and interestingly it is the best smartphone right now. The phone has been ideally built for business professionals with lot of power house and plenty of features that makes it a great personal device for regular use as well. The phone has got Leica brand dual camera that is capable enough to capture great images with the latest OS powering it from inside. Huawei Mate 10 Pro has got one coolest and interesting mobile-PC experience where the phone can be easily hooked to external display. For this USB-C to HDMI cable is required and the display can be easily seen on a bigger screen. However, the phone can not be treated as a perfect smartphone as the user interface is not so attractive as of other flagship phones. The same goes with the camera. Only the phone has got better design similar to Samsung and Google. But these small little things can be ignored, when the phone will be in your hands you will surely love it. The battery life of phone is also excellent that lasts for almost two days.

6.) HTC U11+

Display: 6.0inch | RAM: 4/6GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 8MP | Battery: 3930mAh

HTC U11+ is one of the best impressive smartphone HTC has built in many years. The phone has got edge to edge display and is very less similar to U11. The phone also holds some extra innovation that is really very helpful in real world. Through HTC U11, the company has shown on how to build a premium smartphone including camera, battery life and performance. This phone shows that HTC has really worked on criticisms of its previous phones and tried to create the best ever flagship smartphone. The squeezable edges and new innovations by HTC makes HTC U11+ a great phone that easily interacts. Very little tweaks have been done to Android and keeping it simple makes it more amazing. This phone is no doubt the favourite phone of many users in 2018.

5.) iPhone 8 Plus

Display: 5.5inch | RAM: 3GB | Primary Camera: 12MP+12MP | Front: 7MP | Battery: 2691mAh

iPhone 8 plus is the most anticipated smartphone although many users claim that its size is somewhat tricky to hold. However, the fact is that Apple’s this smartphone is a clear winner from the rest. The phone is good for persons who do not want to use Android and do not want to go for much expensive smartphone iPhone X. The design is very similar to that of previous iPhone 7. The back side of phone is full of metal that makes the phone heavier that looks elegant and gives premium feeling in hands. iPhone 8 plus looks great in Gold color and consists of wireless charging.

The smartphone consists of blazing fast A11 Bionic processor with upgraded dual camera and better sensor. iPhone 8 Plus has upgraded iOS 11 that is the latest and smartest OS till now by the company. No doubt the phone is expensive and bigger to hold in hands, if this is the case then iPhone 8 can also be considered that has 4.7inch screen and is less expensive.

4.) OnePlus 5T

Display: 6.0inch | RAM: 6/8GB | Primary Camera: 16MP+20MP | Front: 16MP | Battery: 3300mAh

OnePlus has been dominating the smartphone industry with flagship phones since 2014. Since then company has manufactured many flagship phones out of which OnePlus 5T seems to achieve the highest flagship rate killer flagship smartphone till now. The phone has got 6-inch edge to edge display with latest smartphone trends. It has dual camera with portrait mode, very fast fingerprint ID sensors, powerful specification and premium design at affordable price. However, our expectations from OnePlus 5T was a waterproof phone with QHD 2K display screen rather than being only HD. But at this price range it is a good choice to go for.

3.) Google Pixel 2

Display: 6.0inch | RAM: 4GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 8MP | Battery: 3520mAh

Google Pixel 2 is close enough to the rest 2nd and 1st flagship smartphones as they both leads in terms of sleek design. If you are looking for great camera quality and operating system directly from Google then Google Pixel 2 should be your choice. The phone has been brilliantly design to fulfill all your requirements of powerful software and virtual assistant packed in a metal glass. For android lovers this should be the 1st choice to have a great Android experience on a 6 inch edge to edge screen display. If you do not want to go for bigger screen phones then there is also an alternative of 5-inch Google Pixel 2.

2.) Samsung Galaxy S8

Display: 5.8inch | RAM: 4GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 8MP | Battery: 3000mAh

Samsung Galaxy S8 has made its competitor look like outdated with smart futuristic design covering screen and edges. It occupies 84% of the complete phone body with infinity edge display and a powerful Exynos 8895 Octa Core processor. It is one of the best Android smartphone in the world right now.

The phone itself is a complete package with of lot of amazing specifications. The phone has got decent battery size and excellent camera. Galaxy S8 is a complete smartphone right now in the world in terms of looks, design and performance. If you need a bigger phone then 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 is also available. Samsung should work on correctly placing the fingerprint ID sensor instead of placing just beneath the camera and on its Bixby implementation. We guarantee after purchasing this smartphone you won’t be disappointed.

1.) iPhone X

Display: 5.8inch | RAM: 3GB | Primary Camera: 12MP | Front: 7MP | Battery: 2716mAh

iPhone X is no doubt leads the race of top 10 best smartphones 2018. If you are an iOs user or looking to switch to iOS then iPhone X should be your first choice. However, for Android lovers Samsung Galaxy S8 is recommended that has same specifications for few lower price. iPhone X has got 5.8-inch AMOLED screen and stunning edge to edge display. The phone is excellent in terms of both technology and design. This smartphone has been powered with fast A11 Bionic processor and excellent dual cameras with portrait mode and most importantly the Face ID unlock feature. iPhone X is the luxury item from the brand. Apple has always produced best iPhones but X is something Apple has ever provided the industry. Besides being the most expensive smartphone it greatly values your money with so much advanced technology that no operating system and smartphone can give. The phone has good premium design that looks awesome in hands. It is the best iPhone to go for.

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