Unlimited 4G: Comparison of Data plans & Jio Technical Truth Revealed

Unlimited 4G Comparison of Data plans & Jio Technical Truth Revealed

If you are a person who is primarily dependent on your smartphone, then it’s a good news for all you guys. Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea are struggling hard to provide you best 4G services at lower rates. Right now it is possible to get 1GB 3G/4G data on daily basis if you fulfill their terms and conditions.

Nowadays almost everyone uses unlimited calling and data service of Reliance Jio network. It was free till 31st March, 2017. If you already use Jio network then its good if not then there are several alternatives to consider. Find here unlimited 4G data service providers in India.

Unlimited word by service providers doesn’t mean they are providing all services as we expect. Do check Terms and Conditions before recharge.

If Jio is Best then Why alternatives?

This year we have seen a price war among all Indian network Service provider. Major Telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea are competing Indian Communication industry in terms of price. However, among all these Jio is winning the race and has grown its family to more than 100 million customers.

There are also many users who are looking for an alternative. The bitter truth is that when any service is high in demand it will surely loose its quality. The same issue is being reported by Jio users as the speed has decreased as what it was during earlier in preview offer time. In highly populated cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. do not expect 4G speed. Drop in internet speed is the major issue why people are switching to other network.

Let’s have a look at unlimited 4G Voice and data plans being offered in India.

1.) Reliance Jio

Jio unlimited Plan list 22017

Reliance Jio leads the telecom industry and it is the best alternative to itself.

If you are experiencing issues with Jio normal plan then it is advised to switch to Prime membership. You will surely see the difference. Also in case you are desperate user of internet and require lot of data then Prime membership is best. Switching to prime will increase your data speed and limit according to the plans but we cannot guarantee as it depends upon the number of users in your area.

2.) Airtel

Airtel Unlimited Plan

Airtel has also cut its unlimited voice and data plans and is now providing for Rs. 344. You get 1GB of daily 1GB Internet including unlimited calls all over India for Rs. 344.

The reason behind switching to Airtel is that it has the widest range of network. If you are a frequent traveler or if your job requires travelling a lot then Airtel is best. You can fully rely on network, speed and you won’t experience call drop issues as well.

3.) Vodafone

Vodafone Unlimited Plan

Vodafone is also in the competition with its Rs. 349 unlimited plan. If you are already user of Vodafone then no need to switch to some other network you can stick and enjoy blazing 3G/4G speed. Speed of Vodafone is excellent in both network modes. Also, there are much more offers trending on purchase of new phones like OnePlus 5 where you get upto 75GB of free 4G Internet.

4.) Idea

Idea Unlimited Plan

Idea has also come up with it’s new unlimited plan where you can avail unlimited voice and data services for Rs. 347.

These are the major service providers right now trending in India but the main question stands “How Reliance Jio is able to provide Unlimited 4G services at such a low price?”

How Jio is managing to provide Unlimited 4G services at low price?

You must be wondering how Reliance at once is providing Free and cheap unlimited plans. Jio came into existence in previous year i.e. in 2016 and gave free internet and calls to 4G users. This question has been asked many times so find our technical research below.

Jio uses IP network fully supporting Voice Over LTE(VoLTE) while other networks like Airtel, Idea, etc. uses Circuit switching. When a call is generated through circuit switching the network establishes a full circuit. In simpler terms if one person calls from Mumbai to Delhi then all nodes / towers / instruments build a complete dedicated circuit from starting to the end of the call even though you don’t utter a word.

Apart from telephonic conversation the other thing necessary is Internet. Your router on the other hand transfers data between servers using packet switching technology where data is split in and exchanged in smaller packets. Few details are added on the router like sender info, destination info and sequence number so that when it is received at receivers end it should know in which order these packets are to be processed. With these information or headers packets are floated in network and receiver receives the packet with its name on it.

If we superimpose internet packet switching in our telephony then we get VoLTE. In this the voice call is broken into different packets and are sent to the receiver. There are many advantages of VoLTE over circuit switching.

1.) There is no need to maintain a dedicated channel for single calls instead multiple packets can be sent and received from different calls and are handled by queuing.

2.) A single can have different packets and different routes for example anyone calling from Mumbai to Delhi, packets is transferred from node 2,3,4,5 and so on. If packet 2 experience an issue due to traffic jam on node 3 then it will transfer the packet to nearest node to caller and then sends to receiver side. When receiver side receives the packet, it arranges them in sequential order so that voice can be heard.

3.) In this users do not have to wait for free circuit for call.

Because of these factors capacity of network increases to several folds when compared with circuit switching. Service providers use Circuit switching for telephony and packet switching for data. Therefore when you call the mode switches from “H” to “E” as the operator changes from PS to CS.

Jio is an all IP network so everything going in and out follows similar to your home router.

The revenue model around the world for circuit switching is minutes which means how long you are using the circuit and is charged in minutes or per second and data in bytes according to the tariff plans. However, Jio affords to give you free calls as it does not use Circuit Switching. Therefore, the cost of bytes costs Jio in peanuts.

Mukes Ambani – chairman, managing director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited risked 1.5 lakh crores back in 2010. They prepared the plan of converting CS to PS in 2010 and is not a new project while other service providers charged lot of money on plans at that time. Hat’s off to Reliance Industries for their courage to take risk in converting to all in IP.

Jio ain’t sacrificing their profits for cheaper competition but truth is that they have got infrastructure to support cheap rates.

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