How to use your phone as keyboard, mouse & remote control for PC

How to use your phone as keyboard, mouse & remote control for PC

A smartphone is always a better option to personalize our life with ease in every day to day work. How about controlling your PC with your smartphone so that it functions similar to mouse and keyboard. Through this tutorial you will be able to control your PC while sitting on a couch. This can also be done by a game controller however, it will limit functionality. Here is the trick to use your smartphone as a control device by using an application. Yes, you can now enjoy the features of a mouse and keyboard with just an application called Unified Remote.

This Unified Remote application is a combo of smartphone and PC. This application connects to the server app on your PC, which allows it to send inputs like of a mouse, keyboard, and other remote control type input. The app comes with a standard version which is free and a paid version which offers additional remote functions. The free version use your phone as keyboard, mouse & remote control for PC and also provides access to other media remote functions.

The app is available for iPhone, android phone, and is also available for windows phone. The app can be used to control PC running Windows OS, Mac OS or Linux. That’s why whichever devices you have, with Unified Remote app you can connect all the devices. It communicates using WiFi or Bluetooth.

Step 1.) Install Server on Your Computer
Installing Unified Remote
Firstly you have to install the Unified Remote server for windows on your PC. This software is available on the Unified Remote website.The software will install an input driver that will allow Unified Remote to control the computer. Download the software and go through the installation process.

The software will automatically launch Unified Remote once installation is finished. It will appear in the notification area, and you can right click it and select “Manager” if you want to adjust its settings however it isn’t necessary. This step is similar on all operating systems. Just follow Unified Remote’s installation instructions.

Step ii) Install Unified Remote on One or more Phones
How to use your Phone as mouse, keyboard and remote control for your PC.

After installing the software on your PC its time to install it on your mobile phone. You have to just download and install the app on your Android device, or iPhone, or windows phone. After installing the app on the phone just launch the app and tap “I have installed the server” button.

The application here scans for a computer running local network server therefore it is necessary to be sure that your App is connected to same Wi-Fi network as your computer. Once it has finished searching you will be notified with the list of remotes which you can select.

The “Basic input” function will allow you to use your phone’s screen as a track-pad to control the mouse cursor. Once you use this you will find it much more convenient to use it as your mouse sitting on the couch and move the cursor just as you want.

Besides this other common track-pad actions like a single tap to click and a two finger drag to scroll up and down will also work.You can also make use of the keyboard while tapping on the keyboard icon at the bottom left corner of the screen to pull up your smartphone keyboard. You can type on the keyboard and it will send the input to your computer.

There are many other remote control functions which can also be useful. There is a File Manager remote which allows you to manage files on the computer, while the keyboard remote gives a full keyboard, like the windows keyboard. The media remote is extremely useful as it allows to quickly send volume down, mute, volume up, previous, next, stop, and pause/play instructions to the computer.

There are wide variety of other apps you can use for this however the Unified Remote control is quite simple and easy to use among all other applications.

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